Best Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners

It is estimated that about half of American adults are trying to lose weight each year. Apart from dieting, a weight loss workout plan for beginners is among the common strategies employed by individuals attempting to shed off extra pounds for the first time.

Generally, if you are a beginner in losing weight, you need practical, dependable, and straightforward ways to achieve excellent results within a brief period.

Top Rated Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners

Always rely on the trusted techniques. Without a proper supportive guide, you may end up depending on ineffective methods. Luckily, I have reviewed the best, tested, and approved weight loss workout plan for beginners that will meet your need and expectations.

1. Running or Jogging

This is among the most excellent exercises to aid us in losing weight. Recent studies found that running and jogging will burn harmful and excess fat, known as belly fat. Besides, this type of fat wraps around someone’s internal organs, and it is licked into some chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Virtually, you can perform these workouts in any place, and also they are easy to incorporate into someone’s weekly routine. In essence, to get started, consider jogging for about 20 and 30 minutes 3 and 4 times a week.

Additionally, if you find running and jogging outdoors is a bit hard on your joints, attempt to run on softer surfaces such as grass. Admirably, many treadmills are built-in cushioning, and that easier and friendly on our joints.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a common way for beginners to relieve stress and lose weight. This workout burns many calories and also offers many extra health benefits which promote weight loss. A recent study estimated that 70 kg individuals burnt around 149 calories for 30 minutes of performing yoga.

Further, yoga group beginners experienced a lot of improvements in physical and mental well-being. Besides burning calories, yoga teaches mindfulness that helps you resist unhealthy foods, better understand your body’s hunger signals, and control your overeating.

Many gyms around us offer yoga classes, but you can also practice it anywhere, including office, home, etc. You only need a yoga mat and several yoga practices, and you ready to go.

3. Walking

Walking will give you excellent results within a concise duration. Besides, walking is an easy and convenient way for beginners to start exercising out without getting overwhelmed and needing to buy any equipment. Further, it is among lower-impact training, meaning it will not stress someone’s joints.

In essence, it very easy for you to fit walking into your daily routine. Don’t forget to consider adding more steps, walking during lunch break, taking extra walks, or preferably taking stairs at work rather than an excavator. However, to get started, target to walk for about 30 minutes 3 and 4 times a week. At this point, you can progressively increase the frequency or duration of your walks as you become fit.

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4. Cycling

Yes, cycling helped me to get rid of my extra pounds. This type of workout is best for beginners; it improves someone’s fitness and also aids you in losing more weight. Regardless of cycling done outdoors, many fitness and gyms centers got stationary bikes that allow us to cycle while staying indoors.

Admirably, apart from much weight loss through cycling, you will also have better fitness, lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, and death, and increase insulin sensitivity compared to other related workouts. Besides, cycling is an excellent workout for individuals of all fitness levels. It is also a low-impact and non-weight-bearing workout, meaning it cannot place much stress on our joints.

5. Pilates

Pilates is among the top-rated workout for a beginner, which hugely helps us lose weight. Based on an American study, a person weighing 64kh can burn about 108 calories for around 30-minute of beginner’s Pilates class. Besides, many individuals have found Pilates enjoyable, easy, and affordable to stick to over extended time.

Apart from weight loss, this type of workout is approved to improve our endurance, strength, flexibility, overall fitness level, and lower back discomfort. Try incorporating Pilates into your weekly routine. Admirably, you do it from home or preferably from gyms which provide Pilates classes.

Additionally, you can also boost your weight loss with such workouts by combining it with a healthy diet and other related exercises like cardio and training.

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6. Tabata

If you are uncomfortable skipping a workout, a Tabata workout will make a weight loss dream come true. This workout is designed to be about four minutes of superior-intensity interval exercise. It consisting of 20 seconds of training and 10 seconds of rest. Once your body rapidly adapts to this interval, you will require increasing the intensity and volume to benefit from it.

I consider selecting four workouts in this type of exercise, think squats, jump rope, squat jumps, and mountain climb, then perform each for about 20 seconds as fast and hard as you can while still maintaining appropriate form. Rest for about 10 seconds and repeat before resting for about 1 minute and continue with the next exercise.

7. Swimming

Swimming is an easy and fun way for beginners to lose weight and also get in shape. The method you will use when swimming affects the calories you burn. Based on a recent study, 70 kg individuals burned 298 calories performing backstroke, thus choose the swimming method wisely.

Generally, swimming for about 60 minutes three times a week hugely reduces body fat, several heart diseases like blood triglycerides, total cholesterol and also improves flexibility. The other much-loved advantage of swimming is its low-impact nature, meaning it is easier on our joints. Admirably, there are also great workouts for beginners who have joint pain and injuries.

8. Weight training

Weight training is the mother of other related weight-loss workouts. Resistance training with added weight or whether our bodyweight alone is a very effective method to burn fat and build muscle. Besides, lifting weight has been approved to increase our resting metabolic rate. Increase BMR meaning the body burns a fair amount of calories even when we are not working out.

According to the experts adding weight training to our routine about three times a week can significantly impact us. Weight training helps also helps us promote muscle growth and build strength. You can never go wrong with weight training in the journey of loss.


Losing extra pounds is not an easy process, but it becomes easy and faster with appropriate tips and effort. Unfortunately, individuals with obesity are at risk for several severe health conditions and serious diseases caused by excess weight.

Luckily, you can lose the much weight you want within a short time with the above techniques. I have deep-researched the top-rated, practical, easy, and affordable practices for losing weight for beginners. Try out the above tips for excellent results. Many people have lost their excess weight using them, I included, and you’re not exceptional. Good Luck

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