7 Best TRX Workout Plan for Beginners

What is TRX exercise? TRX represents for Total-Body Resistance Exercise. Randy Hetrick is the father of TRX workout. He crafted the earlier version of TRX. In TRX workout plan, one can develop balance, strength, core stability, and flexibility only using the body-weight. The TRX suspensor trainer will better guide for perfect postures and movements. This strength training will improve the daily performance of an individual. Here we are given 7 best TRX workout plan for beginners.

Top 3 benefits of TRX Workout

  1. Everyone can use it due to its simple way to change the exercise intensity on the spot.
  2. If you are looking for a real-full-body-workout, TRX is the ultimate one. This thirty-minute exercise will improve muscle and body flexibility significantly.
  3. This is convenient to carry even while travelling. So you need not skip TRX suspension training. 

Common Pros and Cons of TRX Workout Training


  • Effective and practical 
  • Do the TRX workout at your comfortable pace
  • One equipment but multiple exercises
  • Enhance the fitness level significantly
  • Less tension on the tendons and joints
  • Transform the common pull exercises more effective 
  • Improve the physical stability and balance
  • Burns body-fat 


  • Not for the physically weak people
  • If you do not follow the right way, you might get injured
  • A suspension trainer is mainly designed to shape up the upper body (hip and above)

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There are two popular myths for the TRX exercise program. 

  1. TRX training is tough to carry out. This myth is entirely wrong. These exercises are incredibly flexible. You can change the exercise intensity at any point in time. These are applicable for every fitness level. 
  2. This exercise is designed only for athletes. This also doesn’t seem right at all. Older adults also can pursue these exercises. These exercises improve balance, flexibility, strength, and movement confidence. These are widely used in injury prehab and rehab.

7 Best TRX Workout Plan for Beginners

Are you a beginner? 

These total-body resistance exercises will give you better flexibility, balance, strength, and activity level. There are easy tips to follow as a beginner. They are,

  • Don’t be in a rush to adopt all the exercises at a time and reach the most intense level of TRX exercises. Wait there and follow your pace. Learn the proper forms of exercise and TRX exercise routine, and then move forward with your comfortable pace. 
  • When you move forward to the complex level of the TRX exercise, concentrate on the exact and precise body alignment and formation. You will find soon that your stamina, flexibility, core stability, and balance are significantly improving.
  • When you find that you are improving, move forward to the intense and advanced level of TRX exercises without any compromise.
  • Enjoy the exercise session and the improvement you are gaining. 
  • If you are a beginner you can start 4 Interesting Simple Exercises to Do at Home for Beginners

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Body-weight exercises for the beginners

Be ready for the TRX workout plan.

TRX exercise program will build muscles, burn fat, increase flexibility, and improve endurance faster and effectively. There are seven achievable TRX exercises. They are,

  • Plank
  • Hinge
  • Push
  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Pull
  • Rotate

When you understand and adapt these basic seven TRX exercises, you can craft other exercises for total body movement. This will help you to achieve your personal fitness goal. Through these exercises, you can unleash the total fitness capacity.

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1. TRX Plank

Stand at the tip of the fit and rest your body in the handle of the TRX system. The TRX straps need to be adjusted to the height of the mid-calf. Now, plunk up your body but in a push-up posture.

Keep your hands just under the shoulders. Brace your core and align your body in a straight line. Move the knees to back on the ground for releasing the position. 

2. TRX Push or chest press

Adjust the TRX exercise belt to your knee level. Hold the two hoops in your two hands. Align your shoulders with the wrists. Keep your body straight by moving the legs backward. Make a 45 degree-angle to a floor.

Squeeze the glutes and abs to sable the hip position. This will be the starting position. Now slowly bend the elbows and lower the body. Do not lean the body lower than the elbow. Then lift the body with the help of extended arms. 

3. TRX pull

Shorten the TRX-suspension-strap to the fullest. Lean back the body to grip the straps’ handles. Maintain the alignment of head and feet at a single line. Fold the arms in ninety-degree to bring the handles closer to the rib cage. From a sable plank, pull down your shoulders backward and slowly release the position by expanding the arms.

4. TRX hinge

Adjust TRX-trainer-straps at the mid-level. Put the foot into the handle and make a 45-degree angle with the waist. Hinge forward the body and form the standing posture. Release this position by bending the hips and go back to the starting position. 

5. TRX lunge

Fix the cable above your head and adjust the strap length to the mid-calf. Grip the handles and stand facing towards the anchor point. Step back until the strap stretched to its fullest with extended hands. Stand at the center. 

Keep your right led with TRX anchor-point. Keep the core tight and spine in a neutral position. Take your left leg behind and rotate externally to cross the left leg towards the right. The right foot will maintain body balance. Drive through your right leg using the hamstring and glute to come back at the starting position. 

6. TRX squat

Stand straight with hips and legs width apart. Grip the strap and position the elbows under your shoulders. Lower down your hips in a backward position. Put the body-weight on the heels and keep the legs in ninety-degrees. Drive through the heels; squeeze the glutes, and lift your chest.

7. TRX rotate or power pull

Hold the suspension strap in a single hand. Other arm needs to be entirely extended point to the ground. Keep your feet closer towards the anchor point. Lean back, hold the strap with one hand and start moving in a circular motion from the side of free hands. 

Advice For the beginners

Start the timer and perform the reps as much as possible within forty-five secs. Take 15 secs to rest within sets of exercises. As you gain expertise and confidence, go forward for the intense mode of TRX exercises. 

There are certain disadvantages of the suspension training system, but pros will replace the cons within a seven-day TRX workout plan. You can use the TRX suspension straps both indoors and outdoors. 

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