Top 10 Secret Home Remedies for Body Pain and Tiredness

Muscle pain is common both for children and adults. But this is curable even without medications. Here are the top 10 home remedies for body pain and tiredness that works better without the medicine gives better relief.

This has generally no such risk associated. But it needs care as body pain and tiredness could be the symptoms of the serious underlying illnesses.

The identified common causes of body pain are –

⇒ Viral infection

⇒ Trauma to body

⇒ Overexertion

Seasonal cold and flu are some of the most common causes of tiredness and body aches. The first step is to take rest and undergo different home remedies.

If the symptoms are still there after the home remedies, then you need to visit the physician. Few underlying illnesses come out in the form of tiredness and body pains. Other than that, this is not at all a serious physical symptom.

The causes of body pain – 

The common causes of body pains are,

Nutritional deficit – 

Due to the lack of a proper nutritional diet, body pain triggers. Low calcium absorption and vitamin D deficiency lead to all-over physical imbalance and that causes symptoms like body pain and tiredness.

Another clinical cause is hypocalcemia. In such a condition, the calcium level of the blood becomes lower. The cause of low bone density and severe body pain.

Stress – 

Stress makes the physical condition and immune level weak. The body cannot resist any disease. In such a clinical situation the body becomes unable to fight against infections and inflammations. That actually causes body pain.

Stress triggers severe body tiredness. The symptoms of stress are shaking, fluctuating heart rate, chest pain, headache, body pain, fatigue, low activity level, and high blood pressure.

You can fight against stress by performing yoga, relaxing exercise, breathing exercise and meditation.

Dehydration –

Dehydration often causes body pain. You need to increase the water and another fluid intake. That will help to relax the body muscles and normalize the body functionality.

Dehydration causes difficulties in breathing and digestion. You need to have at least six to eight glasses of water a day.

On the hot summer day, have more water to regularize the body functionalities. If you tend to sweat more than usual, a similar remedy is applicable.

Lack of sleep – 

The body can often trigger an inefficient sleeping pattern. Sleep helps to relax the body muscle after the activities throughout the day.

If a person can’t manage adequate sleeping daily, the body muscle can’t get rest. That causes severe body pains. That is also the cause of tiredness.

A higher level of physical activities – 

Overdoing nothing is good for health. Excessive activities can cause muscle stiffness, pull, sprains, and injuries. Do exercise for better health but should not overdo.

Strains and sprains – 

Strains and sprains cause muscle injuries and discomfort. That often causes body-ache. Other than medication, rest is the only alternative for the fastest recovery from the muscle strains and sprains.

If the injury and pain are not recovering along with time and sufficient rest, we need to consult with the doctors.

Symptoms of body pains – 

This might sound odd that in body pain, what would the other symptoms. But there are other additional symptoms too. They are,


Difficulties in breathing

Stiffness and numbness in the muscles

Infection signs such as swelling and redness

Bite mark



Home Remedies for Body Pain and Tiredness – 

Home remedies are very much effective for body pain and tiredness. Few remedies are working very good for muscle pains. They are,

Have lots of water especially in the summertime.

Try breathing exercises for muscle relaxation. You can try yoga for the entire relaxation of body and mind.

Try to develop a sound sleeping pattern.

The application of the ice pack is an effective way to deal the body pain. This will reduce both pain and swelling. This will give a speedy recovery from body pain. A cold shower is also beneficial in such cases.

Exercises – 

Do careful stretching exercises at the time of body pain. Light stretching exercises will relax the affected muscles and make a speedy recovery from pain. The elevation is a good way to get rid of inflammations.

Apply mustard oil on the affected area and massage gently. This will improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

Cinnamon is enriched with anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants. Add a spoonful of cinnamon powder and honey to a cup of warm milk, have it on a regular basis during severe pain. This will work magically.

Ginger is a natural ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties. To get rid of the pain, you can have a cup of ginger tea regularly.

Add turmeric powder to the hot milk and have it. This will help to relieve the pain.

Banana is full of potassium. Having a banana will prevent muscle fatigue and cramps. That actually reduces the pain. The sportsperson is directed to have bananas to prevent muscle fatigue and pain.

The normal fatigue is a common process. After a day-long activity, fatigue is natural. But unusual fatigue sometimes is the symptom of underlying illness.

That needs to be treated immediately. First, you can try a few common natural home remedies for eliminating fatigue. The home remedies are,

Spices –

Common kitchen spices are found as the best remedy for energy. You need to add black pepper (half cup), ajwain, Triphala, cloves, dry ginger, long pepper (one small cup), cinnamon leaves, cardamom and cumin seed (1/4 the cup).

The next step is to crush them into smooth powder and mix that with honey to make a paste. Have this paste (1/2 spoon) on a regular basis, at least for forty days to get rid of fatigue.

Herbal supplements – 

Boil the drumsticks in milk and have it on a regular basis.

Have a spoonful of Aloe Vera gel along with a pinch of turmeric powder.

These are excessively effective to fight against fatigue.

Masala Tea – 

Tea is a beneficial energy drink. Tannin within the tea acts as the energy booster. You can transform the tea more powerful along with Tulsi, clove, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom.

Boil all the ingredients along with tea and become refreshed and energetic after having this.

Dates –

Soak 4-5 deseeded dates overnight and mash the pulp in the morning. Have this pulpy solution in the morning to become energetic throughout the day. You can have dates along with warm milk to boost the energy level.

Head massage – 

Put a few drops of oil on the head and massage gently. This will initiate regular blood circulation and magically eliminates the fatigue and headaches from us.

Exercise – 

Irregular sleep is also a cause of fatigue. Workload, responsibilities, tensions and day-long activity drain out entire energy from our body.

Exercise will help to improve sleep quality. This habit helps to have more oxygen into our body and energize us. This will help to have a feel of positivity and refreshment. In such a way exercise helps in refilling the energy.

Cereals – 

Oats, wheat, rye, barley seeds, and corn are the essential natural energy boosters.

Cold and hot shower – 

Have a cold and hot shower simultaneously. This contrast shower will help to improve blood circulation and muscle functionalities. That will result in an effective elimination of fatigue and stress even after a hectic day.

Adequate rest and sleep –

Adequate rest and sound sleep are mandatory to remain energetic throughout the day. Take regular breaks from your daily work schedule and utilize that breaks only for rest. You can try this 10 Amazing Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle

A person needs seven hours of sound sleep daily. These habits will help to improve the biology clock and activities.

Minerals, B complex minerals and iron – 

The foods enriched with minerals, vitamin B complex, and iron, are essentially required to fight against fatigue. Try some superfoods, that will energize you and at the same point of time boost immunity. These will fulfill the deficiencies and improve the blood circulation within our body.


Body pain and fatigue are common for all. There are no such risks associated with these. Home remedies are effective on such symptoms.

If the symptoms are not responding with the above mention home remedies, you need to consult with the physician for diagnosis and cure.

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