Top 10 Best Diet Plans in 2021 for Overall Health Protection

The Mediterranean diet won the crown for the third consecutive years. From 2018 this diet is enjoying the honor for the best overall diet. DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) and Mediterranean diet emphasize on the fruits, whole grain, and vegetables. In the context of weight loss, the ketogenic diet proved its efficiency. It was categorized in the higher rank only for the weight loss. This diet is not performed well in the overall diet. The top 10 best diet plans are ranked based on the following categories,

Commercial diet

Weight loss

Faster weight loss

Easiest diet

Plant-based diet

Healthy eating diet plans

Diet plans for heart health

Diet plan for diabetes

The judges are well-efficient and have internationally recognized expertise in obesity, diet, food psychology, nutrition, cardiac diseases, and diabetes. The judges undertake these 7 considerations to rank the diets.

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Besides these 7 considerations, they consider the easiness of the diet plan to continue, the nutritional value, food safety, weight loss efficiency, and managing the physical illness such as diabetes and cardiac complications. The judges provide expert opinions or comments for the betterment of the diet plans.

Top 10 best diet plans for overall health benefits:

The winner for this category is the Mediterranean diet. the DASH and flexitarian diet plans shared the second position.

Weight Watchers (WW) won the fourth position for this category. This focuses on the food value of the diet rather than the nutritional aspects.

The experts suggest the more consumption of more vegetables, fishes, friendly fat, and olive oils would give a healthier and happier life. It is better to have a happy and healthy life rather than having a long unhappy-unhealthy life.

The Mediterranean diet shares several health benefits,

This diet protects against cardiac complications.

According to the research, this diet increases brain power and improve brain activities.

This diet is also helpful in cutting the extra and unwanted body-weight.

Regular intake of the Mediterranean diet prevents metabolic syndromes. The intake of olive oil reduces the risk of developing diabetes. This also shows significant benefits on different cancers, IBS, and cardiovascular complications.

This diet helps individuals to enjoy healthy, happy, and long lives.

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The best diet for losing unwanted body-weight

The first rank is captured by the WW diet. followed by that volumetric diet and vegan diet. the volumetric diet focuses on low-calorie foods and the vegan diet focuses on plant-based foods. Flexitarian diet won the fourth position in this diet category.

The WW diet focuses on weight loss, balanced blood pressure level, controlling blood sugar and cholesterol, and reduced risk of diabetes.

Commercial diet

WW is also the winner of this category. Jenny Craig won the second and the nutritarian diet won the third position in this category of diet. Jenny Craig’s diet emphasizes low calorie and pre-packaged diet. the individual needs to follow the diet with an expert’s opinion.

Nutritarian diet focuses on low calories and high in nutritional value diet plans. Nutritarian diet helps to balance the hormonal and eliminate toxins from the body.

The main focus of this diet is on maximizing the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the food plate. This plant-rich and nutrient-loaded diet are proved as one of the anti-cancer superfoods.

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Diet for faster weight loss

HRM is the best diet program in this category. HMR stands for Health Replacement shakes. Vegetables and fruits are the main content in this diet.

Flexitarian diet is in the second position of this category. The MIND diet took the third position. The MIND diet is a combination of Mediterranean and DASH diet. This diet is a craft to boost brain functionalities.

Healthy eating diet plans

Mediterranean and DASH diets are sharing the first position of this diet category. Then comes the flexitarian and following this MIND diet is in the third position.

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Easiest diet

Mediterranean diet is also the winner of this category. Flexitarian diet is in the second position. MIND and WW are sharing the third position.

Diet plan for diabetes

The Mediterranean is in the first position. Followed by this, DASH is at second, Flexitarian is at third, the Mayo Clinic diet is at fourth and the Vegan diet is at fifth position.

The vegan diet is an entirely plant-based diet plan. This excludes every kind of dairy and animal product. Mayo Clinic’s diet emphasizes vegetables and fruits. This diet also focuses on physical activities and movements.

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Heart-healthy diet plan

Ornish diet is the winner of this category. This lower-fat diet is loaded with animal proteins and refined carbs. Mediterranean and DASH are at the second and third positions.

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Plant-based diet

Mediterranean diet is in the first position of this diet category. Flexitarian won the second position. Vegetarian, Nordic, and Ornish diet plans share the third position. Nordic diet includes whole grain, vegetables, and fishes.

The Ornish diet considers the dairy products (non-fat) and egg whites along with the greens. This diet is loaded with essential fibers and vitamins. This is a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian pattern of diet.

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High protein diet 

Primal Blueprint is the winner of this diet category. This diet is almost similar to the Paleo Diet. this diet plan strictly avoids packed food, sugar, and grains.

This diet encourages to have lots of clean and simple proteins (animal and plant), healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables.

The high protein diet plan encourages to follow high-intensity exercises, lower-intensity activities, healthy sleeping pattern, and strength training to enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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Dukan diet is at thirty-five of the overall diet ranking. This diet encourages the consumption of protein and avoiding carbohydrates.

The ketogenic diet is the best diet for the weight loss program. This diet won the 34th position to the list of the overall diet. This diet restricts the consumption of grains, sugar, dairy products, and alcohol for a month.

According to the experts, these diets are beneficial for the short-term. As the diets are too restrictive, these share little or no benefits for the long-term aspect.

If the individual follows Keto-diet strictly along with an expert’s advice. It would show several impressive health benefits in the long-term. This promotes effective weight loss.

The top 10 best diet plans should focus on the betterment for the overall health not focused on the weight loss aspect only. The individual needs to be choosy and careful while selecting a healthy diet plan to enjoy a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle.

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