Top 10 Effective Tips for Healthy Hair for Men

In the modern world, look matters. This is one of the practical considerations. Hair also tells the health condition of you. People often buy the products with its attractive packaging then they judge the product quality. Men are generally neglecting their hair health. Here are the top 10 tips for healthy hair for men which helps to get healthy hair.

The traditional belief was people with moral character and knowledge were the priority to choose, though the person had a simple and non-attractive look and gesture. Then also that individual was appreciated for the possessed qualities.

The individual who is following the gentleman look by keeping track of the current trend of fashion, he becomes the role model for others. This makes that person more polished and confident.

If you describe a good-looking person, what you will notice in him. Generally, people notice and describe clothing, hairstyle, and face.

The hairstyle is one of important the parts to describe the look.

Types of scalps

While you are concerned about your hair health, you need to know your scalp well. The hair follicles are located on the scalp.

The density of the hair follicles and the shapes of them define the density and pattern of the hair.

The texture of the hair such as wavy, curly, straight, or kinky is entirely dependent on the shape of the hair follicles.

The scalp generally produces sebum (natural oil) and supplies it to both hair and scalp. This helps to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

  • Normal scalp

If you are having a normal scalp (not dry or oily), you are blessed. Then you need not be careful while buying any hair product.

You just need to be careful about proper hydration and fortification of your hair.

  • Dry scalp

You might be familiar with dandruff. This is the significant characteristic of the dry scalp. You need to buy shampoos and other hair-care products that properly hydrate the scalp.

If the hair products are failed to solve the problem of your dry scalp, you need to visit the hair specialist.

  • Oily scalp

If you do not apply hair oil, still the hair looks oily and feels greasy easily, you have an oily scalp.

The normal anti-oil hair products which are easily available in the market reduce the hydration of the hair. Thus, the hair becomes dry and rough.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is never over-rub the hair for eliminating the oily feeling of the hair. That will give you damaged hair.

Effective tips for healthy hair for men

If you want to have healthy hair, do not pay attention to stress. You need to become and calm and relaxed. That will help you have healthy, shiny, and strong hair.

The followings are the few effective tips for healthy hair for men.

1. Take a bath with lukewarm water

A hot shower is always soothing while bathing. But they are not at all good for hair health. The hot water will eliminate the sebum from the hair. That will make your hair dry, frizzy, and broken.

This will result in more split ends. Coldwater is also not healthy for your hair. It will narrow the capillaries of the scalp. It will also conduct insufficient blood flow to the hair follicles.

The hair would not receive sufficient nutrients and become weak and damaged. Lukewarm water is one of the most effective healthy hair tips to maintain the proper hydration and sebum level of your hair.

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2. Avoid shampoo daily

If you are looking for the best hair care for men, you need to follow the way. Men usually wash their hairs with shampoo regularly.

This is not at all required. The regular use of sulfate-free shampoos even washes off the sebum entirely.

It is good to rinse your hair with water and use good-quality shampoo at regular intervals. Few water-soluble shampoos are available in the market.

If you are using that regularly, that will keep your hair healthy rather than damaging them.

3. Pick the sulfate-free hair products

Do not go for the cheaper option for the hair products. They usually contain sulfur that is not friendly for hair-health.

If you are going for the cheaper options even, just become sure that hair products are sulfur-free. Sulfate is used to produce more foam while using it.

The human belief explains more the foam; more clean hair you will have. This is not rational. More foam means more sulfate, that will wash off the sebum from your hair and you will experience damaged hair soon.

While buying a shampoo, just look at the ingredient sticker. If the sticker includes Vitamin E, wheat protein (hydrolyzed), and amino acids, you can go for the shampoo. This will help to keep your hair healthy, attractive, and strong.

4. Apply conditioner after shampoo

Applying shampoo or taking a normal bath somehow wash off a certain amount of sebum. Few microscopic particles of water even harm your hair. Using conditioner regularly one of the best tips for healthy hair for men.

Conditioners act as the protector against these. It moisturizes and gives a smooth texture to your hair. Men who are having curly hairs, they get benefits by applying conditioner regularly.

This will smooth down the cuticles of the hair and provides a catchy look and better health, especially to the curly hair.

5. Do not go for the hair styling products regularly

You can use the hair spray, wax, or gel to make your hairstyle attractive. But the overuse of such products might harm the hair health.

6. Don’t comb, comb and comb your hair

It is better to avoid the combing on the weak region of the hair. If you comb excessively the damaged hairs will easily come off.

That will impact the density of the hair. It is also better to avoid combing wet hair.

7. Be careful while drying the hair

Do not rub the wet hairs with a towel. Be gentle while using the towel to dry your hair. You might experience more hairs in the towel while rubbing the wet hairs.

Try to soak the water with the towel, and then gently use the towel to dry your hair.

8.No to blow-drying

The hot and dry air of the hairdryers makes your hair frizzy and rough. That increases the split ends of the hairs. This will also make your scalp dry. You need to wait until your hair dries naturally.

9. Choose a comfortable head-wear

Tight head-wears will restrict the required blood flow to the scalp. That will make the hair damaged. You might suffer from friction alopecia due to the regular use of tight head-gears.

There will be continuous friction between the hairs and the head-gear. Due to this friction, hairs will start to come out easily from the follicles.

According to doctors and hair specialists, this problem is temporary. Hairs will come up over some time when you stop wearing tight head-wears.

10. Avoid chlorine

Chlorine is extremely bad for hair health. It dries out the moistures both from hairs and scalp. You might apply a little conditioner or a chlorine-safe-cap while coming into the touch of chorine water.

Food for healthy hair

Foods play an important role to maintain healthy hair. You can try some best food for healthy hair. Food habit is one of the essential considerations to have healthy, shiny, strong, and attractive hairs. Men can enjoy attractive hair texture by adding the following foods to regular diet plans.

1. Taking Eggs –

Egg proves as a good source of nutrients for healthy hair. The protein and biotin compound of the egg is very much essential to growing the hair.

Biotin is very much essential for keratin production which promotes healthy hair growth.

Make sure your diet is full of protein.

2. The berries –

Berries are loaded with loss of essential micro-nutrients and vitamins specifically Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that produces the free radicals which help to reduce the damage and fall of hair. Lack of vitamin C can lead to anemia which is one of the main causes of hair loss. So don’t forget to take berries every day.

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3. Avocado –

This nutritious fruit is the powerhouse of essential fatty acid and good fats.

One of the important vitamins for hair follicle growth is vitamin K. Avocado is loaded with Vitamin K which is also a good antioxidant that helps to promote new hair growth and reduce the oxidative damage of hair follicle.


Hair is an important part to describe the aesthetic beauty. It is said that men hairstyle is the mirror of the personality. A good hair-style increases the degree of being handsome. There are simple tips that are available for men to have healthy hair.

They should avoid direct sunlight exposure for a long time to have healthy hair. A regular hair cut is essentially required for the healthy growth of the hair. Vitamin C, D, and E and zinc are good for hair health.

The men can have these nutrients regularly by changing their food habits. Stress is another reason for hair loss.

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