This Crazy Weight Loss Programs Changed My Life Forever

Now a day, weight loss has become a serious concern. Are you tried lots of things but not able to lose weight? This 3 step Weight loss programs help you quickly to achieve your goal.

People found that fatty body is inconvenient and increases the difficulties in everyday life. Sometimes obesity is a cause of a serious health issue like diabetes or result of a serious health problem.

That is why you need to keep your body in shape with proper diet plan and regular exercises. People often confuse between thin and well-shaped body.

They sacrifice the proper diet to have a lean and thin body. That starts to create a negative impact on our health,

There are certain nutrient and activity requirements which are essentials for our health and body. That we always keep in mind.

We cannot skip meals on a regular basis to lose weight. We have to follow the scientific and possibly the best weight loss programs. That will reduce the unnecessary body weight but satisfy the nutritional requirements of our body.

[mks_highlight color=”#8bd655″]The best weight loss programs is stated following –[/mks_highlight]

  • Help to enhance the metabolism of our body
  • Unnecessary body weight reduction without hunger
  • Significant reduction of appetite

[mks_highlight color=”#8bd655″]1. Mind your diet plan –[/mks_highlight]

That means you need to be careful about your diet plan. A slight difference can change the health condition. You need to add protein, vegetables, and good fat.

You need to have food which is enriched with proteins but with low carbohydrate. The recommended carbohydrate intake limit is 20 to 50 gms on a daily basis.

[mks_highlight color=”#8bd655″]The protein source could be – [/mks_highlight]

      1. Seafood and fish ( Salmon, shrimp, trout and many more)
      2. Eggs
      3. Meats (lamb. Chicken. Pork and beef)

Intake of protein on a regular basis does not mean that you can have unlimited protein-rich foodstuffs. Protein food will significantly reduce the appetite but by maintaining proper nutrition level for our body.

Protein enriched food will give you a feeling of a full stomach. That will reduce the appetite and thus automatically the calorie intake level also reduces significantly. Considering the nutritional value of our health, protein is the king.

[mks_highlight color=”#8bd655″]Have lots of greens but with low carbs-[/mks_highlight]

Following are the sources of low carbs

  1. Spinach
  2. Broccoli
  3. Cauliflower
  4. Cabbage
  5. Kale
  6. Brussels sprouts
  7. Tomatoes
  8. Cucumber
  9. Swiss chard
  10. Lettuce

There is no such limitation of having greens regularly. These are enriched with lots of fibres and significantly increase the metabolism of our body.

That enhances the digestion system and thus reduces the tendency for fat. But you need to be careful that the carbohydrate level should not exceed 20 to 50 after having the greens on a daily basis.

For the non-vegetarians, the best fibre sources are a different kind of meats. They also increase the metabolism of our body.

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[mks_highlight color=”#8bd655″]The sources of good fat for our body are stated below – [/mks_highlight]

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Avocado oil
  3. Butter
  4. Olive oil

If you think that skipping meals would be the best option for fat-loss, you are wrong. Eat 3 meals a day, if you want to add a light 4th meal in the evening, that is also good.

If you have low carb as well as low-fat diet in your food chart, that will harm your physical condition. Have food regularly but carefully.

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[mks_highlight color=”#8bd655″]2. Weight lifting –[/mks_highlight]

It is not mandatory to go to the gym regularly and do severe exercises. But this would a good addition to this weight loss programs to visit the gym 3-5 days a week. You need to do a few exercises and lift light weights. That will help to shape up your body.

This will help you to burn lots of calories at a time and enhances the metabolism of our body. This will help to increase the muscle functions of our body.

Other than these, people can also burn their calorie by walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, and running.

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[mks_highlight color=”#8bd655″]3. No to starch and sugar –[/mks_highlight]

People can reduce their calorie intake level by saying no to starch and sugar. Sugar and starch are the two major sources of unnecessary body fat.

By avoiding starch and sugar, the body can burn the stored body fat instead of new fat burn. That will help to reduce the unnecessary fat level within a very short span.

This habit will help to reduce the insulin level of the body. The kidney can release the excess water and sodium from our bodies and thus help to reduce the excess water weight of our bodies.

This is an extremely effective step of these weight loss programs. This might reduce even 10 pounds of weight loss in the first week after starting.

This 3 step schedule is the best weight loss programs. Along with this program people also can follow further few steps for more effective result.

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You can have a protein enriched breakfast along with the weight loss programs. Take water half an hour after and before any meal, soluble fibres, unprocessed food, coffee, and tea, their foods slowly and healthy sleeping habit. These will assist the 3 step plan effectively and people can enjoy a slim, trim and healthy body.

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