The Complete Secret Guide about Exercise-Induced Asthma Treatment

The Complete Secret Guide about Exercise-Induced Asthma Treatment

Asthma is simply termed as the chronic breathing problem due to irregular inflammation within the air track. Different causes are responsible for asthma. Environment pollution, allergen has a greater impact on it.  Exercise-induced asthma is very common in people suffering from such symptoms.

In such cases, the symptoms of asthma trigger at the time of prolonged exercise. At the time of exercise the body movement is maximum and as a result, of that physical stress is also at maximum level.

This severe exhaustion influences the symptoms of asthma. Some people are suffering from asthma only at the time of exercise. From the past, exercise-induced asthma treatment through natural remedies is gaining their popularity.

Exercise-Induced Asthma Symptoms –

People generally breathe in moist and warm air through the nasal passages. At the time of exercise, people breathe in cold and dry air from their mouths.

This actually changes the airways by making them narrower. Thus, the symptoms arise at this time. The symptoms are –

  • Chest tightening
  • Asthma with sticky cough
  • Fatigue at the time of exercise
  • Shortness at the time of breathing
  • Wheezing

These symptoms occur five to twenty minutes after the starting or five to ten minutes after the brief exercise. These symptoms might result in a fatal way.

Exercise-Induced Asthma Treatment –

You need to consult a doctor immediately after the symptoms arise. That doesn’t mean the people with exercise-induced asthma need to stop physical activities or exercises.

There are certain preventive measures and steps which the persons need to follow. Sometimes the professional athletes are competing with exercise-induced asthma.

The inhaler is an effective way out of exercise-induced asthma. Albuterol is an effective medication for exercise-induced asthma.

This medicine is effective if taken 10 minutes before exercise. Take proper health consultation is before starting such medication.

Exercise-Induced Asthma Treatment Natural Remedies –

Natural remedies or alternative medicine is always acceptable as they have less or no side effects on health. While discussing asthma, there is no cure.

This can be treated and controlled. You should be attracted to those products which claim the cure for asthma. Till date asthma can only be controlled through effective medicines and natural remedies.

Healthy numbers of natural remedies are available for exercise-induced asthma relief. They are elaborated below,

1. Natural Supplements and Herbs –

The dietary supplements and herbs rich in vitamin A, E, C; omega 3 fatty acids; antioxidants and magnesium could be effective for the people suffering from asthma.

Several Chinese herbs are used to treat exercise-induced asthma.

2. Diet for Asthma –

People suffering from asthma need to avoid allergic foods. There are few person-specific foods which trigger the symptoms of asthma.

3. Yoga for Asthma –

Mental and physical stresses are two major factors for asthma. Exercise increases the physical stress and as a result of that, the symptoms of asthma trigger.

Systematic and regular yoga practice provides the ultimate peace and relaxation to our body and mind. When the stress level reduced, automatically the frequency of asthma attack will also get reduced.

4. Acupuncture –

This is a popular Chinese treatment. In this treatment small, thin, sterilized and metal needles are inserting to the specific acupuncture point. There are multiple points in acupuncture and each point significant for the specific organ.

It is believed this traditional treatment affects our body in a positive manner. This reduces and the symptoms of exercise-induced asthma and control the symptoms in an effective way.

5. Control the heart rate –

This can be better termed as the bio-feedback process. The person suffering from exercise-induced asthma needs to learn the way to control heart rate. This is an effective way to control exercise-induced asthma.

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Conclusion – 

Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. But it could be harmful to the people who are suffering from exercise-induced asthma. The attack of such kind of asthma triggers during exercise or continuous physical stress.

That doesn’t mean that you will not follow exercise. In such cases, you need to be a little bit careful otherwise, this could be deadly. Inhaler needs to be with such patients.

You need to control the heart rate. The tendency of such asthma attack increases with the increased heart rate.

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Do the exercises as directed by the professional and whenever you feel exhausted, pause or stop there. Few food habits and natural remedies are largely effective for beating the symptoms and tendency of exercise-induced asthma. A healthy lifestyle can give you a normal course of life.

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