10 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack in women

All of us are familiar with the daily soap scenes where an older man is rushed into a hospital after facing chest pain and faints. But real life is, unfortunately, not so dramatic. Anyone of any age can be a victim of a heart attack.

More than 6% of women age 20 and older are the victim of coronary heart disease and the numbers increasing every year.

In fact, it has been recorded that women experience heart attacks more than men. And the death rate of women due to heart attack is rising upwards with each passing day.

Though the treatment for both men and women is carried out in the same procedure. But, the symptoms in women differ from that of men. Maybe, this is the reason behind the increasing death rate of women. Women tend to ignore the symptoms preliminary and ask for help when nothing can be done.

If you are a responsible woman who wants to lead a healthy and happy life, read these warning signs and the symptoms of  heart attack in women. Take precautions before you need to rush for a cure.

These are the 10 symptoms of  heart attack in women

Now a day’s cardiac arrest is very common in young adult. Even 40 age is very crucial for both men and women. Specifically, females are nowadays becoming the victim of heart diseases due to excessive pressure and lots of responsibilities.

If we understand the early signs and the risk factors of the heart attack then we can save lots of life.

1. Abnormally fatigued

In most cases, unusually getting exhausted, even while doing the simplest of things, is referred to as a symptom of  heart attack. Women ignore this fatigue in the name of overwork tiredness.

But, if you are facing such a problem, assess if you are feeling tired by doing something like climbing up the stairs, which you could do very easily earlier. Or while simply dusting your room, are you feeling weak or feeling like you are going to faint?

If so, then you must visit a cardiologist as soon as possible. These symptoms are very much common for heart attacks in women.

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2. Running short of breath

Shortness of breath(SOB) is a common symptom in many other health hindrances. But if you run short of breath mostly while sleeping, which eases out when you get up and sit straight. Then it is not something you should take lightly.

It might be occurring because your heart is failing to pump enough blood into the arteries. Some women can feel shortness of breath followed by extreme fatigue even while standing up and while working. You immediately need a health check-up.

3. Lightheadedness followed by weakness

Do you feel like you will faint all of a sudden? Or do you feel you are filled with weird dizziness or jaw pain? It is not impossible that your body is signalling you of a heart attack you are likely to experience soon.

While studying the symptoms, doctors have found dizziness and lightheadedness as some of the most common symptoms of  heart attack. This is also followed by extreme fatigue and shortness of breath in some cases.

Though some people can only feel dizziness, that is a symptom of  heart attack.

4. Shoulder, neck, abdomen, and back pain or discomfort

All of our body parts are interconnected with one another. Hence, when one function of the body is disrupted, all the other body functions are also hindered. In the case of the heart, it is the engine of our body; when the heart fails to work properly, the body starts giving you signals of a breakdown in the near future.

So when you are unable to understand a heart attack risk, your body is likely to face, the shoulder, neck, abdomen, and your back starts showing discomfort. All you need to do is take notice of the signals and go to the right place for treating them. See How to Lower Heart Rate ~ Check the Eight Key point

5. Nauseous feeling

Nausea can be the cause of many other health hazards like indigestion, pregnancy, starvation, etc. This is the reason many women neglect this symptom thinking it casual indigestion. In maximum cases, an antacid is the only caution people prefer.

But this ignorance takes a bigger shape and becomes the reason for a heart attack in women. Yes, it can be that you are feeling nauseous just because of an upset stomach, but if it is happening repeatedly and almost every day, then you must not be so casual about it.

6. Unusually Sweating

Sweating is a common symptom in both men and women. People with higher blood pressure do sweat more than usual. If you have high blood pressure check how to lower the blood pressure.  But sweating abnormally even when the temperature is 16° is not a common thing.

Yes, only sweating is not a risk factor for your health. When you sweat unfamiliarly, followed by any of the above symptoms like shortness of breath, nauseous or having chest pain, then it is a thing you should be worried about. See Brief Insights on the Best Natural Blood Thinners for Heart Patient

7. Pain in the arms

One of the most uncommon symptoms of heart attack is pain in the arms, specifically the left arm. Many surveys state that people experience acute pain that begins from the chest and gradually moves to the arms.

Mostly it is the left arm that faces the most pain, but sometimes the right arm also gets affected. This pain is also followed by a weird sensation sometimes. If you are facing something like this, consulting a doctor is what you should definitely do.

8. Disturbed sleeping schedule

50% of the women who are diagnosed with heart attacks had an ill sleeping schedule one week prior to their attack. Not only do people wake up in the middle of the night, but some other things are also followed by. For example, murmuring while sleeping, walking while asleep, etc.

Other than these, tiredness despite enough sleep or not getting enough sleep despite being tired is also common. Though people with no health issues also face these situations, in their case, it is mostly childhood habits. But if it happens to you all of a sudden, then it can be a cardiovascular problem.

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9. Extreme pain in the chest

All of us are aware of this symptom. The filmy symptom that we have been watching since childhood. But, in real life, the pain is not as dramatic as you see in the films. How agonizing pain can be that takes a life out of the body! Just think of it. It is not the simple pain you face due to acidity.

But yes, repeatedly facing the same pain after you finish eating your meal or after running for a while can be a symptom of your disrupted health. If you are facing something like this better to consult a doctor. Because if you do not, then you can be the victim of a heart attack similar to what you see on TV.

10. Swelling of the body

Are you getting obese all of a sudden and unusually? Is your BMS unfit? It might be that your heart condition is not well. When the heart stops functioning properly, the blood circulation of the body is disturbed. In that condition, the kidney functions irregularly and stops eliminating sodium and extra water from the body. This leads to your body looking fat. See

But it is not fat that your body is content with. You are actually swelling up due to kidney dysfunction.


These were few symptoms of heart attack that are common in women. The main objective of listing these down is to make you aware before it is too late. We do not want our readers to regret later when they can take precautions earlier.

If you are facing any of these symptoms, please go for a diagnosis. We spend thousands on entertainment, we request you to spend a portion of it on your health.

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