Explore Details About Somatic Symptom Disorder and Treatment Options

Somatic Symptom Disorder is a mental illness or medical condition that creates an adverse condition for the person. It is a situation where the person mostly worries about the physical senses symptoms, including pain, along with shortness of breath and weakness in daily life. Earlier, it was known as a somatoform disorder.

The somatic disorder is one of those medical problems that cause emotional stress, and at times doctors find it challenging to find out the actual symptoms. Indeed, some of the symptoms of somatic symptom disorder will cover down

Symptoms of Somatic Symptom Disorder

  • Sensation of a specific kind, including pain and shortness of breath. It will also cover down general symptoms like fatigue, along with weakness in the whole body.
  • The disorder is not related to any medical cause which can find easily identified
  • Somatic disorder includes single symptoms or multiple symptoms
  • It can be mild, moderate, or severe

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Pain is a widespread symptom of this disorder. Apart from that, you will come across thoughts in excess, including thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. Moreover, this will also cover down

  • More worries about mental illness daily.
  • Noticing about the physical sensation that will show you the sign of physical illness
  • Fear about the symptoms unless or until you are not having the same as evidence.
  • Having fear that these symptoms are proving to harmful
  • Have such kind of feeling about the treatment part which is considered by you as a false one
  • Having a fear of physical activity which may cause damage to the body
  • Checking done regularly about the abnormalities in your body

It is essential for the person that they should visit the primary care provider. They will make thorough investigations, and if they notice that you have the symptoms of somatic symptom disorderthey can refer you to a mental health professional.

Finally, it is essential for the person that they should visit a mental health professional regularly. The experts will help and offer some useful tips on coping with having excessive thoughts feelings.

Some of the leading causes of Somatic Symptom Disorder 

Researchers have found that several factors, including the biological susceptibility, psychological factors, exposure to emotional stress in childhood, form the context for the social environment of a person. Let us have a look at the symptoms of the somatic disorder.

  • Lack of awareness for emotions or emotional development in childhood. This possibly happens because of emotional closeness or disregards from the parents.
  • Physical abuse in childhood
  • A lot of anxiety to bodily process along with possible signs of illness
  • People are having difficulty in dealing with stress.

Any of the causes mentioned above or a combination of some might cause the somatic disorder.

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Disorders linked with Somatic Symptom Disorder

1. Illness anxiety disorder- 

People suffering from this disorder are usually pre-occupied with the thought that they have some severe symptoms or health problems. For example, if the person is having normal breast pain, they will assume it as breast cancer. Hypochondriasis is another name for this disorder. In this type of disease, they will not experience more symptoms.

2. Conversion disorder- 

This kind of condition is prevalent in people with symptoms related to neurological. In includes

  • Weakness
  • Hearing loss
  • Blindness
  • Numbness

The symptoms will come suddenly and go out quickly. This type of disorder will cause depression, along with anxiety disorder.

3.  Factitious disorder –

In this type of disorder, a person deceives others by appearing as sick. These people purposely get sick or get self-injury. There is a common trait where these people are willing to undergo painful tests to get sympathy and attention from others.

Treatment Options for Somatic Symptom Disorder

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most consistent and effective treatments to deal with the full spectrum of somatic disorders.

According to the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy has successfully alleviated the symptoms. It has improved the ability to function better than any other form of therapy available.

The therapy also helps people suffering from the disorder to find ways to reframe and gain control of the estuation and break everything that can become a self-fulfilling cycle of pain and misery.

The therapy has specialized techniques that include visualization, problem-solving, relaxation training, biofeedback, etc., and all these help the person improve the disorder.

2. Psychological methods 

Mindfulness is also one of the major techniques that will prove good in reducing SSD symptoms. It will help you teach the present situation and oppose the future option as what may or may not happen in the future.

It will include breathing and meditation techniques that will help you reduce the overall stress in the body and clearing the negative thoughts, which will tend to be the main reason for anxiety and depression. See 20 Habits to Improve Mental Health and improve work Life Balance

These two main therapies are the best option, which will help you in coping out from the present situation of Somatic symptom disorder.

3. Medications for Somatic Symptom Disorder

Antidepressant medications can also be the best option, which can prevent you from somatic symptom disorder, and it will help you reduce stress and anxiety. This will prove useful when combined with the best form of psychotherapy.

If your doctor suggests medicine, then you should take it temporarily. When you feel more comfortable, you reduce your dosage not to cause side effects on your body. It is essential for the person first to consult the doctor then take the dosage accordingly.

Few Must Know Checklist about Somatic Symptom Disorder

If the situation is left untreated, it may even cause some serious complications for the overall health standards and the lifestyle.

Continuous Worrying about health conditions makes daily life extremely difficult. It is also seeing that people with this disorder have problems in maintaining a relationship.

For instance, family members or close friends might think that they are just lying for malicious reasons.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is best for people suffering from this disease. In this type of therapy, people can use positive thoughts, and they get motivated from time to time to cope out with the situation easily.

Apart from that, people should consult their medical professionals and consult them before taking medicine. Apart from that, if the condition deteriorates, it is better to go for medication or talk therapy.

A mental health professional evaluates the earlier a person with somatization disorder, the easier it is for the person to deal with the disorders’ impacts. The professional might ask you specific questions like

  • What are the symptoms?
  • When did they first appear?
  • Have you diagnosed with any medical condition?
  • Is anyone from your close acquaintance diagnosed with mental health disorder?
  • Do you get physical activity regularly?

The mental health expert may even ask other questions considering the responses and needs. Anticipating the questions might help the person make the most of the visit to the professional and recover fast from the disorder.

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