Situational Depression: Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

Situational depression is a type of short term depression. This is also stress-triggered depression. People often experience such kind of depression after a traumatic situation or a series of traumatic situations.

This is actually a kind of adjustment disorder. This kind of depression often creates problems in adjusting the regular schedule. This is also known as reactive depression disorder.

The following situations are the possible reason for situational depression – 

  • Serious illness
  • Relocate
  • Issues at the workplace and educational institution
  • Problems in the relationships
  • The sudden death of the loved and near ones

Situational Depression Symptoms – 

The symptoms are different for different persons. The increased stress in daily life and stressful events in professional places, scale up the level of situational depression.

Other than such events, the sudden tragedy, and shock also magnify such kind of depression. As a result, the victims have to experience an interrupted daily schedule.

Signs of Situational Depression – 

Following are the common signs of situational depression –

  • The severe tendency of crying or crying easily
  • Persistent sadness
  • A lower level of attraction in the in daily activities
  • Low focus level
  • Lack of appetite and eating craze
  • Social isolation
  • Overwhelmed expression
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Suicide attempts and thoughts
  • Careless about important affairs
  • Hopelessness
  • Difficulties in maintaining interaction or communication

Situational depression causes – 

The identified causes are different stressful events. The situations are –

  • Social causes in the workplaces and schools
  • Marital and relationship issues, divorce, and fighting
  • Death of near ones
  • Interfering neighborhood
  • Clinical sickness
  • Relocation, situational changes, retirement, going away from the known environment, etc.
  • Natural disaster, assaults, and combat

Sometimes past experiences trigger the stress level. The past experiences are –

  • A severely stressed session during the childhood
  • A series of difficulties in the same period
  • Have a history of mental problems

Certain biological problems are also responsible for such depression. They are –

You can experience such depression with no reason if you have a family history of mental problems.

Diagnosis of Situational Depression – 

These symptoms are generally visible after a strong stressed period. According to the new DSM-5, the patient might experience the followings,

Situational Depression Treatment – 

You rush to the doctor if the symptoms are causing difficulties in the daily schedule.

Proper treatment can help the depressed persons to come out from traumatic situations and depressed mental condition. The effective medications are,

Psychotherapy plays an important role in the cure of situational depression. This will help to increase the resilience and coping mechanism.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is also effective in recovering and curing such depression. This will boost the confidence level to face future challenges of stressed situations.

Alternative ways to beat the situational depression – 


The span of this depression is short. As this is a situation-triggered depression, this will reduce along will the ease in the situation.

You need to visit the doctor if the symptoms become hard to tackle. The medication, lifestyle change, and psychotherapies are extremely effective to get rid of situational depression.

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