Must Read the Side effects of Too Much Antibiotics

Are We Too Dependent on Antibiotics? Do you know how much self-harm you are doing in your body unknowingly? Side effects of too much antibiotics can cause permanent damage to your body.

There were times when people used to feed on ayurvedic herbs and juices when unwell. Ayurveda was the only means to cure a disease. Undeniably, science was not so improved, so people seldom treated their health condition. Ignorance leads their disorders to be diagnosed when nothing could be done to save their life. Undoubtedly antibiotic helps to combat lots of health issue. But the excessive use of antibiotic sometimes creates a harmful health hazard. Let’s see the harmful effects of antibiotics for excessive use.

But times have changed now. The growth of diseases by which thousands died without treatment can now be cured with medicines. Antibiotics are the most productive invention of human civilization. Any disease, be it fever or a life-threatening disease like Cancer, everything can be cured. And we cannot show enough gratitude to the researchers and doctors.

Dangers of Antibiotics

But, as they say, everything has a positive and a negative aspect. The invention of new medicines that are being made to protect humans is becoming the reason behind the destruction of them. But uncontrolled dependence on medication can lead to substance use disorder (SUD) which is very dangerous.

Thanks to education and the worldwide web. Everyone nowadays is educated. The capability to read and write fills one with confidence. And undeniably, that is what people educate themselves for. But does that mean that an engineer can do the job of a doctor? 

Sounds irrelevant, right? Unfortunately, that is the current scenario. The world is compressed inside a smartphone. Everything is available on the internet. 

The Internet was made so that people can get knowledge of everything going on in the world. But it seems like an English teacher within five minutes takes in the full knowledge of a disorder that a doctor took five years to learn. 

The objective

Jokes apart, the main point of saying these are our casualty in dealing with our health. Whenever we feel ill or discomforted with pain, what do we do? We search the web with the symptoms and treatment. That is it. 

We are presented with hundreds of articles about the substance use disorders that are nesting in our body. The other symptoms of the disorder and obviously the treatment or rather home remedies we should try to cure the disorder. 

The next step is to make a list of the antibiotics required, and then we rush to the pharmacy to buy those. And then we are all set to go. 

Harmful Effects of Antibiotics

But are we? Think of the headache you had the day before yesterday. Or the back pain you faced due to a lengthy work schedule. And what about the eye strain you had for binge-watching your favourite web series. Hahaha, all the problems had one solution. Taking antibiotics. 

Everyone has medicines at home for headaches, body pain, or eye drops for the pain in the eyes. 

  • But did you think of taking some rest instead of taking medicines instead? 
  • Do you not think that you needed rest instead of a pill when your head was hurting? 
  • Should you not keep your phone aside when your eyes start hurting instead of searching for your eyedrops? 
  • Should you not lie down for an hour when your back starts hurting instead of taking medication?

The answer is yes; you should have. 

Side effects of Too Much Antibiotics

Due to the hustle and bustle of life, we all have lost the most important factor of human character; patience. We try to save time and money. But in the urge of doing that, we forget that we are affecting the most invaluable resource we have; that is our health.

 The dependence on antibiotics in running life is exceeding the limit. And if it does not stop now, then a time will come, we will have to take more antibiotics than food. And that, in turn, will give rise to more health hazards. Check Advance Health for All ~ Top 10 Things to Consider

 As you know, antibiotics can cure diseases but have other side effects too. How many of us go to the doctor every time we fall ill? The percentage will stand less than 50. We visit the doctor only when we are unable to cure a problem by ourselves or when a whole new issue arises. 

Once a doctor prescribes us a particular medicine, we keep continuing it whenever faced with similar illnesses. It should be stopped now. 

How To Reverse Side Effects Of Antibiotics?

Yes, you do not need to visit the doctor every time. But is it necessary that you take medicines each time when you feel uncomfortable? Every symptom fades away after 2-3 hrs. 

In emergency cases, when you have a meeting to attend or a performance to give, it is fine to take medication. But it should not be unprescribed.

On other days, on a daily basis, have some patience and see if taking rest and relaxation can help you resolve the issue. Well and good if it goes. If not, then visit a doctor after a few days of repeated pain. 

It might be that severe disease is growing in your body that you were trying to suppress by taking the wrong medicines. Which instead can make it worse.

Self-Healing Capacity Will be Hindered

We are born with self-healing capacity. Our body has certain antibodies that have their own capabilities to fight a disease or an injury. One thing that we all need to understand is that when we get too much dependent on medicines, the body’s self-healing capacity gets disrupted.

 The cell membranes containing antibodies to fight back lose their power and gradually become prone to diseases.

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 For example, you will notice, kids can digest the food dishes that you cannot have without taking an antacid. Have you ever thought about the reason behind it? They are pure, and they are not given unprescribed medicines or extra doses like the elders. 

So their digestive enzymes work better than that of elders who have gone through many treatments. Numerous examples like this can prove how much the antibiotics that are invented to protect us are becoming the reason for our damaged health. 

And you cannot blame anybody else other than yourself for doing that. Because medicines will be available in the market. 


Pharmaceuticals are being opened for people to buy medicines. And medicines are being invented to cure diseases. But all of them have their side-effects besides solving one problem. And nobody is compelling you to intake them. It’s their business to promote and sell their product. 

You yourself are responsible for hampering your health by misusing them in the name of leading a healthy life, which in turn is becoming poison for you. 

Need to Have Self-Awareness

Your search for the solution to every problem, this time search the consequences of the intake of antibiotics too much. It can lead to so many other health issues like cardiovascular diseases, strep throat, bacterial infections like pneumonia, etc. See 10 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack in women

Overuse of antibiotics can hinder your immune system for the rest of your life. You can even invite diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, and other long-term disorders. And for females, your pregnancy can come at risk due to over intake of antibiotics. And in some cases, it becomes difficult to conceive. 


So it is our kind request to you not to call a lifelong disease to get relief from temporary pain. We hope we have been able to make you understand the importance of medication. And the consequence you could face due to dependency on antibiotics.  Now it is your responsibility to choose what kind of life you wish to have. A truly healthy life without taking too much medication or having pseudo health that is bloated from inside.

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