Psychotic Depression : The Facts You Need to Know

What is Psychotic depression?

Psychotic depression is a common type of major depression. Psychosis is a critical illness in this phase of depression. Delusion and hallucination are the two other major symptoms of such depression. You can check the different types of depression and their symptoms.

Delusion includes severe feelings of failure, worthlessness or hopelessness. In the state of hallucination, people can listen to the sound and can visualize the scenes which do not exist.

Every single people among the four is the victim of psychotic depression.

People having the psychotic disorder are far from the actual world. They can see or hear the existence which never exists in the real world.

They often have illogical or strange ideas. The ideas are extremely irrelevant for any aspect. People often misunderstand them as they are surrounded by any negative energy or demon.

The victim of such depression often gets angry with no relevant reason.  The patients like to spend time with themselves or in their beds. They have a general tendency to sleep during the day.

They remain awake in most of the nights. They are resistant to change their clothes or have a bath on a regular basis.

They even do not like to talk. They share irrelevant topics while talking. The schizophrenics are also the victims of psychosis.  For them, hallucinations and delusions are the most common symptoms of psychotic depression.

The symptoms of psychosis during schizophrenia are extremely critical and complicated. They can even think that someone is following them to harm. Though this is not true.

They have a tendency to harm themselves. They try so because they have a belief of humiliation with no reason. They often think that the surrounding people are kin to harass them. These symptoms are hard to diagnose.

The symptoms of psychotic depression –

The common symptoms of psychotic depression are,

Diagnosis of the symptoms is important. People having bipolar disorder often face symptoms of psychotic depression. They also have a tendency to suicidal tendency and mania.

Treatment of psychotic depression –

These patients need close monitoring of psychosis depression. In such cases, medicines are used to stabilize the moods of the patients.

To control the mood swings, anti-psychotic and anti-depressants medicines are used. These medicines help to enhance the activity of the neurotransmitters.

These increase the communication between nerve cells. This helps to enhance the capacity to perceive and understand from surroundings. There are different types of medicines.

They act differently on various symptoms. The medicines have a wide range of clinical side-effects.

The medicines may take several months to show the benefits over the symptoms. When the medications fail to work, ECT needs to be used for the betterment of the patients of psychosis depression.

The patient needs to follow the doctor’s direction minutely. The risk of suicide is maximum in such depression.

The Positive Side – 

The symptoms need thorough monitoring and care. Along with the medication, proper care and support will give the best possible results.

Negligence could be harmful to such patients. The patients need to follow the clinical direction and schedule. The treatment might take a little time to show benefits over psychosis symptoms.


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