How to Lose the Extra Weight You Gained During Pregnancy Properly

Pregnancy and motherhood is a divine feeling only women can go through. You need to take care of your health for those 9-11 months, and you need to eat for your unborn child too. Doctors suggest eating healthily and in large amounts for the baby, which leads to a considerable weight gain for the mothers. But you have to lose this extra weight quickly after your delivery to get back again in your old routine. For that, you need a proper postpartum weight loss plan to shed those extra calories within a stipulated time.

What Should Your Postpartum Weight Loss Plan Include?

For a successful weight loss program, you need to formulate a complete plan. You cannot only curb your diet and do excessive workouts. It is essential to have a perfect balance all along with breastfeeding your baby. One must also deny the calories but should not get sick or get weak. You will develop the best postpartum weight loss plan when you perfectly balance the diet and feasible workouts and other activities in your house.

Tips for postnatal weight loss plan

1. Breastfeed If Possible 

It has been seen that woman breastfeeding their kid for at least three months have lost more than 3 pounds. So, you cannot opt-out of this option, too, as this will help your baby with growth and help you shed the calories. This should be the ideal postpartum weight loss plan while breastfeeding. 

2. Don’t Skip Meals 

Eating healthy and counting calories is not enough; you also need to remember that skipping meals can affect your postpartum weight loss plan. Skipping meals will make you lose the necessary nutrients you require for the normal functioning of your body. In addition, during the breastfeeding periods, mothers need extra calories to offer her baby. 

Also focus some healthy food at night, because after the delivery lots of night it happens that mom has to awake. Your stomach become empty. Take some healthy snacks or food at night. You can try this  7 best foods to eat at night

3. Avoid Processed Foods 

postpartum weight loss plan
Processed food

Fried foods are not suitable for health, and at the postnatal stage, they keep the calories on the higher side. You should avoid fast food or microwave food, chips, soda, and ready-made cakes to lose weight faster. They not only hinder the process of shedding but also increase the calories. Don’t provide them a place in your postpartum weight loss meal plan. 

4. Eat More Protein 

For losing weight, protein foods are of great help as they keep the hunger in check and minimizes the chance of consuming more calories. However, the protein also takes more calories to digest, minimizing the calory quotient in your body. Therefore, your postpartum weight loss diet plan must include high-protein food. 

5. Take Foods with High-Fiber

postpartum weight loss plan

Stomach or belly fat is one of the worries women face after their pregnancy, and Fiber-rich foods are a great solution to lose fat around the stomach. Fiber is also suitable for bowel health, and as women face problems with bowls, they can get help from such food. Add fiber-rich food to your postpartum weight loss diet chart to absorb the water from the stomach to get digested, helping in reducing the cost. 

6. Exercise or Workout 

The most important part of your postpartum weight loss plan. Exercise does not mean you have to hit the gym desperately. Instead, you have to continue with regular physical activities and increase the workout with time and health condition. Start with some simple routine exercises. Be consistent and make a schedule which is most important. Try this  customized best weight loss workout plan.

The Complete Nutritional Balanced Vegan Diet and Meal Plan

What Should Be Proper For Your Diet Plan?

Your postpartum weight loss plan largely depends on your food intake, and you can’t deny that fact. Maybe you are a food lover, but if you are looking to lose weight, you have to compromise the satisfaction of your taste buds. But you have to eat healthy and quality foods that will help you to gain the required strength. So, the food you choose must have the necessary nutritious elements to help reduce your weight and keep your power intact. 

The postpartum weight loss diet while breastfeeding should include –

  •  Fat-free or low-fat products 
  •  Fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains 
  •  Protein food with leaning amount of protein, such as poultry items. 
  •  Try to eat beans, nuts, and vegetable oils for the required fat level in your body.
  •  Food containing saturated fat should be completely out of the menu, like coconut oil, red meat. 
  •  Avoid food and drinks containing added sugar to curb the extra calories. 

According to experts, your postpartum weight loss program weekly calendar must include food items like the following chart while you are breastfeeding – 

  • Calcium- 1000-1300mg
  • Calories- 2200-2400
  • Folate- 280mcg
  • Iron- 15mg
  • Protein- 65g
  • Vitamin C- 80-100mg

How Often Should You Take Your Meal?

Overeating is a desire and a health-related condition that may lead to a bad diet and poor food choices. If you did not eat heavily relatively small meals frequently, it would be more used to lose weight, for instance. In addition, it will keep the blood sugar level steady for you, which will lead you to minimize overeating.

While your intake of calories will get distributed when you will have them in a gap, they will get more time to metabolize in a better way. This also accelerates milk production in your body to feed the baby. Without enough calories, the breastfeeding mother will not get enough calories to continue their daily routine. 

Snacks You Can Have 

You may feel like having something at some odd hours. The snacks are tasty and bring calories with these tastes. Still, if you can contact some expert and professional nutritionist, you would get the correct diet chart, including the best option to support your postpartum weight loss plan. 

The list of healthy snacks includes- 

  • Egg or chicken salad made with whole-grain bread 
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Apples with almond butter
  • Whole-grain cereal mixed with milk 
  • Fruit smoothies and more. 

Bring changes to your lifestyle. 

The postpartum weight loss exercise plan is not enough for your successful weight loss. You have to remind that you are coming back to everyday life after almost a year. A lot has happened with you now, and you need to get accustomed to the changes. It would be best if you tried to get your everyday life and once you get back to that, start something more that would help you get into better shape. Although the entire process looks intimidating, you will get results. 

You must follow some guidelines mentioned by the doctor and professional experts. Alongside, remember to follow the diet plan and continue to breastfeed your child to get a complete weight loss plan and success at the end. 

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