This 7 Negative Impact of Social Media Harms Your Mental Health Daily

Human beings are social creatures. Socialism is essential for our mental wellbeing and happiness. This enhances the strength and thrives of life. Socialism can ease the feeling of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and stress. This also helps to boost up the self-confidence, joy, and comfort. But Do you know the negative impact of social media?

It can ruin our life if not handled properly. If a person does not have any social circle or connectivity, that might impact seriously on the emotional and mental health of that person.

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Now, Socialism has most dependent on online social platforms such as Twitter. Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. These are beneficial replacements of the real-world social circles. Such media provides in-person contacts to release essential hormones.

This Hormone reduces the level of stress and makes an individual more positive, happier, and healthier. These social platforms are the boon to the common people. These platforms gather a large number of persons together and build worldwide friendships.

This will give a person an immense engagement and removes the feeling of isolation. This also helps people to come closer through different sharing. Posts and messages. These are mainly mental acquaintances.

This reduces the mental complications such as depression, stress, and anxiety. But there is another important aspect of using social media. Overuse of these social platforms might bring dissatisfaction, loneliness, sadness, and frustration. So you need to maintain a balance between the actual and social lives. It is always said that ‘nothing too much is good’.

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The Positive Impact of Social Media on Society

The virtual communication is less effective than the face-to-face interactions as a mind booster. There are also beneficial impacts of social media on us. The following points will elaborate on the benefits of online social media.

Social media will help you to,

  • Find new communities and friends; these are the effective platforms to get contacts with people with similar mentality and taste.
  • Stay connected and update with friends and families across the globe;
  • Get and provide emotional support during the tough phases of life;
  • Participate and promote important causes; raise voice or opinions on worthwhile causes.
  • Get easy online outlets to showcase your talent, self-expression, and creativity;
  • Get the social exposure living in a remote area, a member of the migrant group, having limited freedom and victim of social anxiety;
  • Find the essential sources of learning and information;

The Negative Impact of Social Media on Society

As this technology is almost new, further research requires to opine on the actual negative impact of social media in the long run. Few scientific and reliable research results state that the over-use of these platforms increases mental anxiety, depression, and stress. This also develops harmful tendencies such as self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and self-isolation.

1. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out):

If you are suffering from the feeling that others are enjoying their lives more than you, that is dangerous. It seems only that the grasses are greener on the other side. It is only your thinking and perception.

Most of the posts are manipulated on social media. This thinking makes you impulsive to check the updates every second, though that is not important.

Unnecessarily making yourself unrest will push you to the depression, stress, and anxiety. You cannot even help yourself to check the notification while taking rest, or driving.

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2. Inadequacy:

Almost every sharing is manipulated before posting on social media. Even if you post your photos on social media, you went through multiple layers of editing. You post only the best photo of yours. Then also you can get unexpected and annoying comments and reactions on that.

You might have the feeling of insecurity and that causes anxiety, you will check the notifications several times to get the updates on your post. This you make you restless.

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Other than this, you might feel inferior or jealous when you see your friend’s airbrushed and overwhelmed posts such as promotion in jobs, holidays fun, and unexpected happiness. You might start an unnecessary comparison and develop a feeling of lacking.

3. Anxiety and depression:

Face-to-face contact is essential to keep yourself mentally sound and healthy. Eye contact and direct communication are the best ways to lower anxiety and depression. If you are more dependent on virtual social media relationships than the actual relations, you might have a higher risk of developing mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

4. Isolation:

The University of Pennsylvania surveyed the negative impact of social media on us. They found that dependency on social media increases the feel of isolation or loneliness. That study also stated that the reduced use of social media will make you isolated, as a result, that you will increase contact with actual friends and family. That will give holistic wellbeing of mental and physical health.

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6. Self-absorption:

The excessive sharing of your photos and emotion-related quotes on the social platform will enhance the self-centric attitude. That will spoil your real-life valuable relationships. You will lack the skill of socializing. That will make you isolated from the real world’s gathering. That will also impact on your mental health.

7. Cyberbullying:

A significant number of teenagers become bullied on the social platform. They spread the abusive languages in the name of opinions or show the right of citizens.

You need to raise voice against the offenses but you have to think your sophistication before posting such bully opinion.

This you lose your cool and calmness and respect to others. This will also increase anxiety and stress.

Don’t Become the Slave of Social Media – 

Social media was developed to increase the social circle across the world. The easy accessibility of electronic gadgets such as tablets, smartphone, laptops, and computers make social media more friendly to us.

You can contact several persons and updated yourself with current and important information. Till this is a beneficial source to keep you involved, happy, and healthy.

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But when you start overuse of social media, the negative impacts start on you. You become self-centered, bully, isolated, depressed, anxious, and stressed. When you post one of your best pictures and get favorable reactions, you will check the notifications every second. That might trigger the dopamine secretion within the brain.

This secretion will force you to lit a cigarette or have chocolate or take a sip of alcohol. Which are entirely unnecessary. More you get such notification, your addiction level will grow.

This addiction is equally harmful to the addition of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. That will harm your mental and physical health in the long run.

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Negative Effects of Social Media on Health and Mind –

  • Become cyberbully
  • Prioritize the social world over the real world
  • Being distracted from important aspects such as relationship, work, and education
  • Spend no or little time for self-updating and self-reflection
  • Easily get depressed and stressed
  • Interrupted sleeping pattern
  • Involving within the risky affairs to earn more like to become popular on social media

Positives and Negatives of Social Media Keep in Mind –

This social media concept was crafted for the benefits of the people in several ways. But then we made it infamous by making it an addiction rather than a good time pass.

Still, we have time to make it a good habit by reducing the online timing, moving the focus to other productive fields, spending more time with actual friends, and increasing self-reflection.

You need to teach your children that social media is not an essential part of life. This is only a friendly media for quality time pass only. They need to use it as a tool for happiness. They should not be the slaves of social media platforms.


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