Top 10 Natural Antibiotics to Prevent Bacterial Infection

We all depend on the use of prescribed antibiotic pills and capsules. All this began after Alexander Fleming discovered the world’s first penicillin antibiotics. Since then, it has been successful in curing all sorts of bacterial infections among people around the world. Instead of taking antibiotic medicine, it’s a great option to choose natural antibiotics.

Considering the notion, these antibiotic pills and capsules weren’t the only options around. Most of them were available in the 1940s. Before then, our ancestors made use of few rare herbs and food to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. These natural antibiotics were also effective in preventing diseases from spreading and giving an excellent boost to your immune system.

It is no surprise that overusing antibiotic pills often comes with lots of side-effects.  Statistics point out that 20-25% of patients treated over a span with prescribed antibiotics experienced side effects ranging from mild allergies to severe gastrointestinal issues!

Due to this, more folks are turning towards natural antibiotics because of its many health benefits and antibiotic properties. Many doctors have even started following this holistic approach to treat their patients.

Digging Deeper Into 10 Natural Antibiotics to Counter Bacterial Infection

1. Garlic –

(Proves effective against Escherichia coli (E. coli), Salmonella and other bacteria)

Garlic is one spice that is available in any nearby market. Besides using it regularly as a cooking spice, garlic also comes with numerous antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

It also consists of Allicin –known for its impressive antimicrobial properties. Being the most active ingredient in garlic, Allicin proves very useful in fighting off multi-drug resistant bacteria stains.

Garlic also consists of Ajoene, which helps cure fungal infections like athlete’s foot which trouble people all across the globe.

That’s not all. Many also use garlic extracts for treating Herpes virus, Influenza, Escherichia coli (E. coli), Salmonella, and more.

2. Manuka Honey –

(Rich in Methylglyoxal consisting of impressive antimicrobial properties)

It is available in Australia (& NZW). It consists of one rare antimicrobial component known as Methylglyoxal – derived from the special swarm of bees that drink from the flowers of the Manuka tree.

  • This unique honey is rich in ‘propolis,’ which consists of flavonoids, phenolic acid, and esters.
  • These components collectively work to fight off infections and improve the body’s immunity system.
  • It also serves as one of the best natural antibiotics for sore throat.
  • Manuka honey comes packed with enzymes like glucose oxidase. This helps transform the glucose components into hydrogen peroxide and reduce infections.
  • Studies also show that Manuka honey has lots of antibacterial properties. And together, they help cure ulceration wounds occurring from strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  • And if all these weren’t impressive enough, Manuka honey inhibits the Varicella-Zoster Virus known to cause Shingles and Chicken Pox.

3. Echinacea –

(Comes with antimicrobial and immune-protective properties to treat different conditions)

It is mainly a daisy flower in the Central and Eastern territories of North America. And studies show that early inhabitants of the region used both its pastes and flower extracts to cure different types of infections.

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Even today, doctors all around the world use Echinacea because of its rich antimicrobial and immune-protective properties.

But that’s not all. Echinacea consists of other beneficial properties too!

  • It features carbohydrates, caffeic acid, and glycoproteins, each having remarkable antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • It proves highly effective in inhibiting the spread of hazardous microbes and dangerous fungal skin infections like Candidiasis.
  • This natural antibiotic prevents cytokines production and eliminates all problems resulting due to bacterial infections.
  • Also, in antiviral properties, Echinacea protects from potent virus strains such as Influenza, Herpes, Rotavirus, and more.

4. Tea Tree Oil –

(Rich in Monoterpenes known to fight off bacteria and other deadly infections)

Tee tree oil is readily available in Australia and NZW and is also known as Melaleuca oil in other parts of the world.

  • It consists of a compound known as Monoterpenes, which proves very effective in fighting bacteria and other dangerous infections.
  • Studies also show that Monoterpenes protects against the herpes virus, Rotavirus, and similar types of viral infections.

However, a word of advice when using Tea tree oil! Do not consume it orally as the extracts are very toxic. Also, apply them in a concentrated, diluted dose, or else it could cause skin issues.

5. Ginger –

(Comes with lots of antimicrobial & antifungal properties)

This popular Asian spice comes with plenty of Ayurvedic qualities and is used all around the world as a natural antibiotic(s). It comes from the ginger plant roots and is highly rich in antimicrobial attributes.

Some of Them Include –

  • Shogaol
  • Gingerol
  • Zerumbone
  • Gingerol
  • Terpenoids
  • Zingerone

And other flavonoids

All these components improve antibiotic resistance against biofilms and even cure H Pylori bacteria, which cause acidic reactions in the stomach. This natural antibiotic(s) also protects from bacteria that lead to gum diseases.

Ginger also inhibits the Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus from combining with the human host cells. Plus, its excellent anti-fungal properties provide relief from fungal skin problems like Athletes’ foot!

6. Turmeric –

(Rich in anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties)

Another popular cooking spice used in the Indian sub-continent, Turmeric consists of Curcumin. This active ingredient not only benefits the body but protects against Urinary Tract infections (UTI).

Curcumin Also Helps –

  • Treat stomach inflammations
  • Protect against dangerous HIV viruses
  • Inhibit Hepatitis C virus from replicating

Furthermore, turmeric also features antimicrobial properties that help protect against all types of skin infections. For this reason, many apply turmeric paste on their body to keep the skin safe from various microbial contagions.

7. Oregano Oil/Oregano –

(Comes with lots of antibacterial properties to prevent chronic digestive complications and yeast infections)

Everyone loves adding oregano to their favorite dishes. But many don’t realize that this popular taste enhancer also comes with numerous health benefits. Oregano /oregano oil is rich in Caracole and many antibacterial properties.

And Together, They Help Protect Against –

8. Lemongrass Essential Oils –

(proves effective in treating Salmonella, E-coli, and Staph without causing any side-effects)

This is another popular ingredient which people use worldwide. It features a distinctive aroma. Plus, studies reveal that it comes with lots of antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial qualities.

Explaining further, lemongrass (or lemongrass essential oil) incorporates Citral Alpha and Citral Beta properties. Both of them are responsible for inhibiting spread and infection from different strains of bacteria, including; E-coli and Salmonella.

Studies even reveal lemongrass extracts or their essential oils useful in curing ringworm skin infection and preventing HIV-virus from replicating.

Along With These Highly Effective Antibiotics, You Can Also Try These 2 Options!

9. Grapefruit Seed Extracts –

GSE is one effective natural antibiotic packed with antioxidants that help resolve chronic digestion disorders. GSE is also useful in eliminating over 800 different strands of bacteria, viruses, and over 100 types of parasites, fungus, and germs. Plus, it helps boost the body’s overall immunity.

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10. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil –

EVCO comes with plenty of antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. Using it helps balance thyroid issues, improves body immunity, and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Extra virgin coconut oil can also help in proper brain functioning.


These are your ten highly effective natural antibiotics that you can look to use. However, a word of caution! Using these with your regular pills and capsules may cause some reactions or side-effects.

So before including them in your regular health care, consult with your health specialist first.

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