3 Most Importance of Daily Exercise for Teenagers

Teenagers need to follow a regular exercise schedule to keep their mental and physical health fit. There are lots of health benefits and importance of daily exercise on health. Teenagers should spend an hour following moderate to vigorous exercise daily. They need to become active more than stay idle.

If the teenagers found the exercise as fun, they will follow it regularly. The parents can take an active part to accompany and encourage their children to perform exercise daily.

What is the importance of daily exercise for teens? 

A regular exercise will strengthen the muscles, heart, and bones of the teenagers. Besides these health benefit, it takes good care of the teenagers’ mental health.

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If the child or teenager perform regular exercise, he/she can enjoy the mental and health benefit in adulthood.

The people often follow the lifestyle that they learned in their childhoods. That’s why a good lifestyle must be developed and encouraged by children and teenagers.

Set a Perfect Workout Schedule

The regular exercise program helps to keep a teen’s heart and mind healthy. The following exercise schedule a teen can follow,

  1. A teen needs to follow an hourly basis moderate to vigorous exercise daily. This will keep their mental and physical health fit.
  2. It helps to maintain healthy body weight at the time of growth.
  3. Parents should limit the screen time of teenagers. They should limit the time spent on television, computer and smartphones.
  4. This time needs to be allotted for two hours or less than that. These habits will make teenagers idle and less active.

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Even low to medium exercises are also beneficial for teen health. If teens spend thirty minutes daily for low to medium exercises, they can also remain active and healthy. The activities could be,

  • Dancing
  • Pleasure walking
  • Home exercise
  • Climbing stairs

Include cardiovascular workout plan to the exercise schedule

These sets of exercises increase the heart and breathing rate, improve the O2 circulation within the body, and make the muscles strong.

Proper and regular aerobics and cardiovascular workout practice will increase the energy level and keep the teenagers active for longer.

They can perform a better response to sudden physical requirements such as climbing stairs or running to catch a bus.

These habits play a beneficial role in preventing heart complications and diabetes (type 2).

As the teenagers drink moderate water during and after the exercise session, they can avoid dehydration easily. The exercises are,

  • Cycling
  • Brisk walking
  • Swimming
  • Jumping rope
  • Running
  • Roller skating
  • Hiking
  • Dancing
  • Play on a playground
  • Gymnastics
  • Tag games
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Rowing
  • Basketball

Daily exercise will help to prevent obesity, abnormal level of cholesterol, and a high level of blood pressure, especially within teenagers.

It improves the lifestyle quality and thus reduces the risk of stroke and cardiac complications.

Few teenagers do over-exercising. That might lead to unexpected weight loss and lower energy levels. That will interrupt the daily activity schedule of teenagers. In such conditions, you need to visit health care professionals.

Introduce strength exercises

Dive your body into few segments and working each of the segments on an alternate basis or in a particular schedule. After that go for the total-body strength workout program.

Crunches, push-ups, squats, pull-ups, and leg raises will strengthen muscle mass. It will make the stomach, leg, and arm muscles strong.

Strong muscles provide a protective benefit to the joints. This also prevents severe injuries. Muscles utilize larger calories than fat. This helps to maintain healthy body weight during the body is at ease.

Health benefits of physical activity daily for the teens

According to medical science, the health benefits of physical activity are given below,

Importance of Daily Exercise

There are several health benefits of doing regular exercise. Few are given below.

1. Maintain a healthy body weight

A proper set of exercises helps the teens to burns the excess body fat and calories. That will give the teen a lean, and toned physiques.

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Now a day a dangerous tendency is visible in the teens. That is the occurrence of diabetes (type 2) and higher blood pressure levels. Healthy body-weight prevents such health risks.

Depending on the physical state the intensity and time are generally allotted by the experts. Abrupt exercises might harm the physique rather than improving.

2. Benefits of mental health

A good exercise habit helps to secrete mind-friendly chemicals such as endorphins. It helps to keep our minds healthy and happy.

Proper exercises reduce depression and improve self-confidence and self-esteem. These will promote a better sleeping pattern.

It also sharpens the learning and thinking skills. A better and healthy mind is always more productive in any field. This will increase the activity level and education-related performance of the teenagers.

The teenagers need to take part in 30 to 60 mins sessions of muscle-strengthening and aerobics daily. This will not only improve the physical state but also will make the mind happy and healthy.

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3. Prevent illness and disease

The regular habit of exercising will reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes (type 2), stroke, and heart diseases, especially in teenagers.

This helps to keep the blood pressure to the normal level and increases the good cholesterol level.

The exercises such as jumping, brisk walking, and running will improve bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

The characteristic of Osteoporosis is brittle and weak bones that cause acute hip injury in the older span of life.

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An exercise chart for a teen

Importance of daily exercise very much essential in the mental and physical development of teens. This good habit will also cover the older age with a series of physical and mental benefits.

  • Run, walk or jog for 45 minutes
  • Aerobic activities or cycling for thirty to forty-five minutes
  • Plyometric exercise (overhead pass or chest pass with medicine ball; box jump or double leg jump) for 10 minutes
  • Yoga for better mindfulness and flexibility
  • Weight training with five to ten minutes’ warm-ups and thirty minutes for step-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, bicycle crunches, squats, lunges, back extension, and triceps dips to gain strength.

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You can not ignore the importance of daily exercise regularly for teens. A well scheduled and proper exercise habit is beneficial for both mind and body. Teenage is crucial for the mental and physical development of an individual.

Regular exercise takes an active part in the development of the mind and health, especially for the teens.

This reduces the risk of critical illness and makes the mind and mood happy and healthy. But if you find certain difficulties while exercising, stop that immediately and consult with professionals for better guidance.

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