5 Keys to Lower Blood Sugar Without Insulin

5 Keys to Lower Blood Sugar Without Insulin

Is it possible to lower blood sugar without insulin? Do you want to know How to lower blood sugar without insulin? Then you are in the right place.

Diabetes mellitus is familiar to us as diabetes. A higher sugar level in the blood for a long period of time causes diabetes. The common signs of high blood sugar increase in hunger, thirst and urine frequency.

If these symptoms are neglected and remain untreated, it might cause death. The serious complications like foot ulcer, cardiovascular disease, eye damages, kidney problems, and stroke could be caused by diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes:

The possible causes of diabetes are stated below –

  • The pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin
  • The body cells are not responding to the produced insulin within our body

There are three kinds of diabetes.

1. Type 1 DM is caused due to the lack of insulin production in our body. This malfunction in insulin production occurs due to the loss of beta cells. This is termed as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

2. Type 2 DM is caused as the body cells are not responding properly to the produced insulin. This is termed as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

3. Gestational diabetes found in pregnant women with no previous history of diabetes.

Diabetes cannot be cured but can be treated and prevented. Physical exercise, healthy diet plan and ‘no tobacco’ could be significantly beneficial to prevent diabetes. Foot care for diabetic people is an essential aspect.

How to lower blood sugar without insulin?

The following natural precautions could be effective in the prevention of high blood sugar.

1. Reduce Carbohydrate : –

You need to reduce carbohydrate consumption, especially glucose. It breaks down into sugar and then moves to the body cells. This increases the sugar level of our body.

You need to quantify the carbohydrates meal or you can follow the food exchange system. Low carbohydrate meals can low the sugar level for a long time.

2. Do Exercise Beat Diabetes:

Another effective way to control the blood sugar level by a regular exercise program. It helps in weight loss and enhances the sensitivity of insulin. Increased insulin sensitivity helps the body cells to react efficiently with the produced sugar of our body.

A regular exercise program helps to utilize blood sugar for muscle contraction and energy. The blood sugar needs to be monitored during the regular exercise program.

That is required to evaluate the health condition. Swimming, cycling, walking, dancing, running, weight lifting and hiking are the common forms of diabetic control exercises.

These help to increase the extraction of sugar from our bloodstream and help to maintain a low diabetes level.

3. Hydrate Yourself:

You need to hydrate the body by having an instructed level of water. You need to avoid the dehydrated condition of the body.

Having adequate water will keep the kidney functionalities healthy. Kidney flushes the excess sugar out from the body through urine.

Intake of water hydrates the bloodstream, reduce the level of blood sugar and lower the risk of diabetes.

4. Increase Fiber Intake :

You need to have lots of fibers. That will help in carbohydrate digestion and absorption of sugar. A fiber-rich diet is helpful in balancing the blood sugar level and beneficial for type 1 diabetes.

The prescribed level of daily fiber intake for men is 38 grams and 24 grams for women. Soluble forms of dietary fibers are beneficial for treating diabetes.

5. Manage Stress :

You need to manage your stress level. Stress is one of the most effective causes of diabetes. Increased stress level triggers the secretion of hormones such as cortisol and glucagon. These hormones are largely responsible for high blood sugar.

Relaxation, meditation, and exercise are effective ways to manage the stress level. Yoga increases mindfulness and reduces stress. Thus, it is an effective way to treat chronic diabetes. Good quality sleep is also helpful in stress reduction.

Conclusion :

These are effective precautions for treating diabetes.  But you need to consult a physician before any change in lifestyle. Diabetic patients need to treat their symptoms and health problems in a focused manner. A healthy lifestyle program could give you a healthy and happy life.

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