How To Fix Ingrown Toenail Permanently? ‎- Easy Diy Tips

Are you suffering from the ingrown toenail? Do you tried lots of remedies but not getting the result. Do you want to know how to fix ingrown toenail permanently? Then you are in the right place.

Do you know what the toenail is? When the nail edges grow in the skins of the toe, that is known as an ingrown toenail. This is painful and irritating. The big toe is mostly affected by the ingrown toenail.

These can be treated at home. Sometimes they need medical higher risk is associated with diabetic patients if they have an ingrown toenail. Now the questions are why this ingrown toenail happens and how to fix ingrown toenail permanently?

The causes of toenail : –

In such cases, the nail edges are continuously digging the skin and cause severe irritation and pain. If the skin got ruptured by the nail ages, any kind of serious bacterial and viral infection could affect. That infection will make the situation more painful, swollen and red.

Here is the list of causes for such ingrown toenail. They are stated below –

1. Heredity:

The common cause of such ingrown toenail is heredity. People often grow this painful problem from their parents or relatives.

2. Trauma:

Sudden pressure like running, rash walking, ballet, and soccer might be the cause of ingrown toenail. If some heavy things fall on the feet, then also it is possible to grow.

3. Inappropriate footwear:

Tight socks and shoes are the major reasons for an ingrown toenail. This is the reason the children are often suffering from ingrown toenail problems.

As they grow rapidly, the footwears become small for them. They keep wearing that small and tight footwears further and as a result, such ingrown toenails develop.

4. Improper pedicure:

Pedicure is a good and hygienic way. This helps your feet to get rid of dust, virus, and bacteria. But it sometimes becomes harmful. This needs to be done by the experienced and the professionals.

At the time of pedicure, if the nails are cut deeply or the skin got hurt, the possibility of an ingrown toenail becomes the maximum. You need to be very careful while doing the pedicure process.

5. Nail cutting and trimming:

Do not cut your nails too short. When the short nails start growing, that might pierce the skin and could develop the ingrown toenails. That is extremely painful. Cut the excess portion of the nail to keep yourself healthy.

Prevention and care of ingrown toenail – 

  • Cut the excess portion of the nails. Do not make the nails too short.
  • Toes are the delicate portions of our bodies. Try to avoid the trauma on the toes.
  • You need to be careful while doing the pedicure. You can take help from experts and professionals while doing the pedicure.

How to fix ingrown toenail permanently?

There are several ingredients present in our household by which we can cure the toenail permanently and easily.

1. Onion juice:

Onion is having the antibacterial components in it. That is helpful as the remedy of skin problems and wound-healing. The phytochemicals of onions prevent the inflammation of the body.

The way to apply

  • Make a smooth paste of an onion
  • Stain the paste to have the liquid portion
  • Add a little lemon juice with it and mix them good
  • Dip a cotton in the mixture and apply it in the affected portion of the feet
  • You can follow it 2 times a day for fast and effective result

2. Vicks Vaporub:

To relief from the ingrown toenails, Vicks Vaporub is an effective remedy. The major components of Vicks Vaporub are camphor and menthol.

These two are used as the topical analgesic. This could be an effective remedy for ingrown toenails.

The way to apply

  • 1tablespoon Vicks Vaporub
  • Smash a clove of garlic and min them with the Vicks Vaporub
  • Apply on the affected portion and tie a bandage on it
  • Keep this for the night and use this for 6 days on a continuous basis

3. Castile soap:

This is a completely natural soap and the main component of this soap is olive oil. You can get this soap in all the medical stores.

The way to apply

  • Take Luke warm water in a container
  • Add ½ to 1 tablespoon of castile soap in the water
  • Dip and soak your feet
  • You need to continue this for a few days
  • This will provide significant relief

4. Surgery:

If all the remedies failed, then you will be advised for such nail surgery. First, the toe will be numbed with the local anesthesia. Then the nail or the portion of the nail will be cut by the physicians and then apply medicines to stop bleeding.

Then the toe will be tied with a bandage. This procedure will take only a few minutes. You can walk after 15 minutes from the surgery. But you need to be careful according to the suggested precaution by the physician.

An ingrown toenail is a painful medical condition. A little precaution and care will help to get rid of it. If the remedies fail to affect, the surgery could be done by the doctors for permanent relief from inward toenails.

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