8 Effective Home Remedies For Teething Babies

Right from Teething Biscuits, Chamomile Tea; Mummy Cubes to Teething Rings, there are lots of home remedies for teething babies to help soothe their discomforts. Here are top eight  effective natural teething remedies that are very much helpful to relieve the teething pain of the babies.

To know about those effective teething remedies, read the post carefully!

We all love the toothless and joyful smile from a happy baby. But when your drooling baby tells you that their teeth are coming, it is not a fun phase for any parent. Their teeth start to come in from 3-12 months, and it continues till they are 3-years old.

All this while, your baby will be in constant pain and repeatedly crying. And that can make sleeping difficult for any parent.

They will also show these common teething symptoms like – rashes around the mouth or neck, rubbing of the ear or cheeks, red gum sensitivity, excessively dropping, chewing, and decrease in their appetite.

Fortunately, there are some effective natural teething remedies that you can use to soothe your teething infant’s discomfort.

Top 8 Natural Home Remedies for Teething Babies

1. Frozen Mommy Cubes 

Pour some breast milk into the ice-cube tray and freeze it. Once done, you can give your baby (preferably 4-6 months old) those ice cubes (also called mommy cubes) in a baby feeder or teething mesh. It will help soothe their sensitive baby gums. And they may even enjoy sucking or chewing through it.

If your baby is over six months, you can also add some vegetables or fruits for extra flavor and nutrients.

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2. Ground Cloves or Clove Oil

Massaging your baby’s gums with clove oil is one of the oldest natural home remedies for teething babies.

Clove oil consists of anti-inflammatory qualities and analgesics, both of which help calm your little one’s sensitive gums. After the massage, the clove oil will deliver a numbing sensation and dull your baby’s discomfort.

Alternatively, you can also mix ground cloves with unsalted butter, water, and coconut milk.

Once the mixture is complete, please put it in the freezer for some time. Then apply the cold paste on your child’s sensitive gum. It will help calm them down and make them feel more at ease.

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3. Chamomile Roll-Ups

You can also try chamomile roll-ups for easing the pain for your little one. It contains the anti-inflammatory properties and circulatory action of hydrotherapy from the chamomile flower. Along with this it consists of no side-effects for young infants.

To prepare this teething remedy; brew one cup of chamomile tea and put it in a flannel! Next, squeeze out a portion of the tea to leave it saturated. Then roll the flannel and put it inside the freezer.

Whenever your little one shows teething signs give them these cold chamomile roll-ups up to chew on- but under your supervision!

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4. Peeled Ginger Root

Straight out of grandma’s effective natural home remedies for teething babies is ginger. It’s no secret that ginger contains lots of natural anti-inflammatory properties that act as a pain reliever for teething soreness and soothing the nerve endings in sensitive gums.

As a parent, you can peel the ginger roots and rub a slice over your little one’s sore gums for 3-4 minutes. This should help ease their discomfort!

5. Breast Milk Ice Cream

You can also soothe your little one’s sensitive gums with breast milk ice cream. All you need is 1 cup of breast milk, 4-5 cups of ice, one small spoon of salt, and two separate containers.

Pour the milk into those containers and seal it properly. Then put that smaller container into the larger one and fill it up with all the ice.

Sprinkle salt at the top to lower down the melting point and jiggle it slightly. Then put it inside the freezer for the ice-cream to set.

One done, feed it to your baby or put it in their feeding mesh to gnaw on. The cold sensation will help numb their teething discomfort. Plus your baby will also like the taste.

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6. Frozen Food in Mesh Feeder

Besides breast milk ice-cream, you can also give your baby frozen bananas, carrots, apples to gnaw on – (under your watch). It will deliver a soothing sensation to their sensitive gums and even prove to be a tasty treat.

Remove the seeds, crush the frozen food, and place it in your child’s mesh feeder. This will prevent any choking accidents.

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7. Frozen Clean Cloth 

This is another one of those commonly used home remedies for teething babies. You have to freeze a clean cloth dipped in water.

To add variety, you can dip the cloth in chamomile tea instead and then freeze it. As your little one chews on the frozen cloth, they will experience a cooling and pleasant numbing sensation.

8. Gentle Gum Massage 

Besides all these pleasant, safe, and effective home remedies for teething babies lies another simple solution. Rub and massage your baby’s gums using your clean finger.  Use the index finger for the gum massage.

You can gently massage their sensitive gum to help alleviate their teething discomfort. However, before you try out this remedy, cut your nails to avoid harming your baby.

Also, clean your hands properly before putting your finger into their mouth and allowing them to gnaw on it. While massaging your baby’s gums apply gentle pressure and move slowly and steadily.

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CAUTIONARY ADVICE- “Avoid Using Teething Gels…”

As a word of advice, parents should avoid using medicinal teething gels to soothe the sore gums of their babies.

According to the FDA- Food and Drug Administration, these medicated gels contain Lidocaine. This could be harmful to your infant, especially if they accidentally swallow too much.

So avoid using these medicinal teething gels as much as possible and stick to the above home remedies for your teething baby. Not only will they prove useful, but they will cause no discomfort or danger to your little one.

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As a parent, you should only use teething remedies that are safe and non-toxic. Also, remember that not all natural remedies may be recommended for infants.

So do your research properly on those remedies. And if the need arises, don’t hesitate in consulting your child’s dentist for more insight on effective teething remedies.

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