Top 15 Home Remedies for Dry Skin on the Face: No.2 will Surprise You

Are you facing the problem for dry skin on face?  Dry skin is a common problem for people. But few of them are experiencing severe dehydrating skin on their faces. Don’t worry, here are the top 15 home remedies for dry skin on the face which are great for nurturing the facial skin.

The face skin is extremely delicate and gentle care is required to treat it. There are sets of natural and gentle remedies that help to cure skin dryness. These kinds of natural cures are permanent if used in proper ways.

Few soaps, makeups, and creams are responsible for such skin dryness. One thing you need to keep in mind that the selection of chemical-based cosmetics or foams. Few of them are skin type-specific.

Sometimes such cosmetics affect the delicate face skin badly. Pollution and water quality are also other responsible factors for dry skin. Food habits and water intake quantity also impact on the face skin to become dry.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin on the Face 

Home remedies are extremely effective in treating the dry skin on the face. The regular application of such remedies will give better result on the dry skin.

This article will give a detail discussion on the dry face skin and a list of the most effective home remedies.

The causes of dry skin on the face – 

Sebum is naturally formed oil on our skins. Excessive secretion of sebum might cause pimples on the face. To keep our skin hydrated adequate quantity of sebum is essential.  This also protects the skin cells from external infections. Low level of sebum secretion is the main cause of skin dryness.

Dry skin causes different kinds of irritations like itching. This dryness makes our skins with the flaky look and patched. Few people experience several red patches on their dry skins. Along with these patches they experience severe itching and flakes peel off easily with scratching from the faces.

The easy way to recognize the dry skin is the dullness. Dehydration often causes rough and dry skins. There are several scientifically identified reasons for such dry sins on the face. They are,

» Dry air

» Excessive cold water

» Imbalance in skin pH

» Hypothyroid

» Wash the face frequently with lots of water

» Smoking

» Diabetes

» Seborrheic dermatitis

» Atopic dermatitis

» Psoriasis

» Stay long under the sun

The home remedies for dry skin on the face will be effective only when the skin types would be identified.   If the skin is dry, you need to find out the severity of the skin dryness. Treatments vary depending on the skin types. Same remedies for oily, dry and normal skins would impact negatively. Top 5 Secret Home Remedies for Glowing Skin in 10 Days

1. Moisturizer – 

Different types of creams, moisturizers, and lotions are helpful in breaking the skin barriers. This also helps in water retention on our skins. That actually increases the hydration level of the skin.

Application of the moisturizer overnight will provide significant benefits for our skins. Before going to the bed at night, people may apply skin-suited moisturizer and can wash off in the morning with soothing cleansers.

This will essentially make the skin soft, healthy and hydrated.

Before purchasing, you need to look that the moisturizer must contain the followings,

  • Ceramides
  • Hyaluronic acids
  • Colloidal oatmeal

The following ingredients in the moisturizer have a worse impact on the skins. Presence of such ingredients increases the dryness of the skin. The ingredients are,

  • Petroleum or petrolatum
  • Alcohols
  • Dioxane
  • Artificial colours and fragrances

Few essential ingredients for the good moisturizers are –

Shea butter, coconut oil, and Aloe Vera are the good sources of natural oil production of our skins. These are good for dry skins.

2. Avocado musk –

The creamy effect of avocado is extremely beneficial to get rid of the dry skin on the face. The mixture of avocado, honey, and olive oil is a greater combination. The regular use of this musk will magically work on the dry skin.

3. Exfoliation –

Skins often peel off the old and deal skins on a regular interval. The dead skins are replaced by new and healthy skins. If the dry skins are not peeled off properly, that might create scars, clogged pores and dry patches on the skins.

Exfoliation helps to remove the deal skin cells from our faces and helps to maintain healthy skin texture.

There are 2 kinds of the exfoliation process. One is mechanical and another is chemical exfoliator.

The natural and easy exfoliator is oatmeal. The facial mask of oatmeal and honey results magically on the dryness of the skin, especially on the face.

4. Cleansers –

Soaps often increase the dryness of the skins. Cleansers are often mild in nature. They are good for skin health.

This also preserves the hydration level of the skin. The following ingredients should be avoided while choosing the cleansers.

  • DEA (diethanolamine)
  • SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  • Parabens
  • TEA (triethanolamine)
  • MEA (monoethanolamine)
  • Paraffin and petroleum

5. Humidifier –

If you are sitting under the air conditioner for long, might face the problems of dry skins. AC removes the natural humidity of the skin and makes it excessively dry. In that case, people need to use humidifiers to make the skin hydrated.

6. Bathing –

It is better to take a bath with warm water. Both hot and cold water reduces the natural oil from the skin. Regular cold and hot water for the bath will make the skin dry gradually.

You should not use lots of water and should not be in the water for long while bathing. These will also make skin dry by reducing the natural humidity of the skin.

7. Smoking –

You should control the smoking habits if you have dry skins. Smoking has no good effects on health. This habit acts as a positive catalyst to ruin health. Nicotine will make the skin more dry and unhealthy.

8. Caffeine –

Limit caffeine intake. Excessive intake of tea and coffee increase s the level of caffeine in our body. It makes the skin dry and unhealthy.

9. Sunscreen –

Drying makes the skin sensitive and reactive, especially under the sun. Sunscreen provides protection from the bad effects of the sunlight. Its moisturizing effects keeps the skin humid and healthy even under the scorching sun.

Aloe Vera is the best natural tan removal. Apply the Aloe Vera gel on the affected area and keep for 10 minutes. Wash off with normal water after that. Regular use Aloe Vera will give a glossy and smooth skin with no patch.

10. Sugar scrub and olive oil –

Combination of sugar and olive oil proved as the best scrub, especially for the dry skin. Apply this mixture on the face and keep it for drying. Wash it with regular water.

This scrub helps to remove the dry flakes of the face and keep the face glowing and fresh naturally.

11. Milk –

Milk contains a higher level of lactic acid. That has the power to heal the cracked skin. This also reduces the itchy sensation and irritation of the dry skin of the face.

Apply milk on the face and keep it for five to ten minutes. Wash it with regular water.

12. Aloe Vera –

Aloe Vera has a beneficial impact on the dry and irritated skin of the face. Apply pure Aloe Vera gel till drying and wash it off with normal water.

This will give smooth skin texture and it will make the skin healthy from inside.

13. Olive oil –

Olive oil is considered as the best natural cleanser and moisturizer. It transforms the dry skin into glossy and healthy skin in the fastest way with no side effects. This is easy to apply.

14. Coconut oil –

Application of coconut oil in the bedtime will transform the dry skin into a shiny silky skin. This will help to maintain the hydration and moisture of the skin.

15. Water –

Water is the best remedy against the dryness and dehydration of the skin. Adequate intake of water magically heals the dryness of the skin. Water helps to keep the skin fresh, smooth, glossy and gorgeous.

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Summery – 

Healthy and bright skin increases the aesthetic beauty of the person. Dry skin is a common problem for people. Gentle care of skin will cure the dry skin on the face. Home solutions are the best remedies for skincare with no side-effects.

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