Top 10 Home Remedies for Deep Sleep: Save Your Brain

Everyone knows that 7 to 8 hours of sleeping is required for a healthy person. But do you know no how much deep sleep is required to function your brain properly? Here are 10 effective home remedies for deep sleep.

It’s alarming. People are not getting enough sleep due to their job pressure and lifestyle. According to a survey, people are facing a scanty sleeping pattern which is less than 6 hours. This is not at all good for both mental and physical health.

A good sleep fills our life with positivity, increased activities, and mental peace. Good sleep reduces the level of stress, improves the memorizing power and cardiac health, and reduces excess body weight significantly.

You need to limit the intake of caffeine for having a better sleep. You can improve health with closed eyes by following simple tips. Home remedies for deep sleep are significantly beneficial and effective.

Importance of sleep

Sleep is very much important to function our body part properly. We cannot neglect the importance of sleep. Sleep is required for mental and physical fitness and healthy wellbeing.

Proper healing of the blood vessels and cardiovascular system happening during sleep.

A lack of sleep can increase the risk of diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, and cardiovascular diseases.

Different Stages of Sleep

In general, sleep is divided into two stages rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). But for more specifically it is divided into 5 stages.

Stage 0 –

Awaking time is the time spent in bed before and after falling asleep.

Stage 1 & 2

stages are calling light sleep. In this time the muscle becomes relaxed. Heart rate slows down, breathing rate decreases. The temperature of the body decreases. It is the precursor stage of deep sleep.

Stage 3 and 4 –

This stage is known as the deep sleep stage. In the stages, deep sleep is happening and you cannot wake up in this stage.

All the repairing of the body muscle removal of toxins and struck from the body is happening in the states.

Stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement)-

This is very much essential for your mental Wellness. In this stage memorization, critical thinking, and solving proper decision-making happening. In this stage, we are dreaming. With age, these stages decrease.

Difference between sleep and deep sleep –

We are thinking that whatever the time we are spending in bed and doing relaxation is the sleep time. As a whole whatever the time we are sleeping that is called the sleep time.

In between sleep time, 18 to 23 percent of the time is known as deep sleep time which comes after the light sleep stage.

For tissue repair, brain healing, removal of waste products from our body deep sleep is very much required.

How much deep sleep do you need?

The deep sleep stages come after the light sleep stage. It is only 18 to 23 percent of the proper sleep time.

Benefits of deep sleep

Deep sleep enhances glucose metabolism. That helps improve the memorizing capacity and effective learning skills.

A night of good sleep also helps to secrete growth hormone secretion. These hormones promote body growth.

Other important benefits are followed,

10 Essential home remedies for deep sleep

1. Follow a sleep schedule:

You might wait for the weekends to have longer sleep. You possibly tend to go to bed late and wake up at noon. You feel it as leisure. But this will impact adversely on the biological clock of your body.

This causes different sleeping problems. You always feel sleepy even after having adequate sleep, especially during the holidays.

According to the biological clock of your body follows the regular schedule. Even if you wake up late, the body wakes up by following the schedule. So, you feel sleepy and lazy throughout the day, though you slept enough.

To maintain the wellness of the mind and body, you need to maintain the bedtime and the time of waking up by following the normal routine.

2. Change your exercise timing:

According to the survey, people who perform exercises regularly, enjoying better sleep. But they need to exercise long before their bedtime.

People who work out in the day time, they generally can’t sleep in the day. If you want to have a deep sleep at night, you need to do it at least in the evening. Otherwise, you might experience an interrupted or no sleep at night.

You might fell asleep in the early morning and then you have to wake that. That will give you scanty sleep and you might face different mental and physical problems.

People with a lack of sleep become depressed, anxious, and restless.

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3. Modify your diet plan:

One of the best home remedies for deep sleep is to change your diet plan.

Are you fond of chocolate, coffee, tea, or cold drinks? You need to have them within the mid-afternoon. One more thing you should not have a heavy dinner just before bedtime.

You should avoid such foods which cause indigestion and heart-burning. These will interrupt the sleeping habit due to severe discomfort in the stomach.

Caffeine drinks contain anti-sleeping ingredients. That will trigger a sleepless night.

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4. Quit smoking habit:

The smokers feel always sleepy ever after adequate sleep. This is not a myth. This fact is justified scientifically.

Nicotine withdraws the sleeping tendency at night. This causes different breathing complications. That will also responsible for interrupted sleeping, especially at night.

Nicotine absorbs the restful feeling during sleeping. That’s why smokers always feel sleepy.

5. Avoid nightcap:

Alcohol interrupts the brainwaves and sleeping patterns. This will make you drowsy even after adequate sleep.

A martini will help you to fell asleep instantly, but if you wake up once at night, you can’t sleep again.

6. Leave your gadgets and television before bedtime:

Leave mobile activities, video games, computer and television at least an hour before going to bed. The rays from such electronic devices and gadgets before bedtime stimulate the activities of the brain.

That state will not go down easily and impact the sleeping intensity. To enjoy a deep and sound sleep leave your favorite gadgets far away.

7. Allot the different beds for pets:

They are extremely adorable and favorite. But sleeping with your pets will trigger disrupted sleep.

According to the research, fifty-three percent of people having pets experience interrupted sleep during night time.

If you have kids, you might suffer from the same problem.

The kids and pets will give you the worst night’s sleep. Kids and pets should have their own bed spaces. That will help to sleep everyone well.

8. Adjust the room-temperature:

If you need a night of deep sleep, you need to keep the room temperature at around sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

A loud temperature is soothing for breath to enjoy. But it is not at all comfortable for night deep sleep. At the temperature of sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit, the bed becomes cold.

That reduce and balance the body temperature after going to bed. That initiates a comfortable and deep sleeping pattern.

9. Darkroom:

Switch off all the lights and make the room pitch dark. Because the lights indicate the brain for waking up.

A little light can interrupt your sleeping at night. This interruption in the melatonin (hormone regulating the cycle of sleep) production. Thus, you might experience a poor-quality or scanty sleep.

10. Use the bed only to sleep:

To maintain a deep sleep, you need to use your cozy bed for only sleeping purposes. You should not use the bed for having food, playing games, working, and watching television.

If your sleep interrupts at night, you might start the activities with the gadgets. That will kill your sleep for that night.


Sleeping is not only a beautiful thing this has beneficial impacts on our mind and body. Scanty sleep might rigger different mental and health complications.

Lack of sleep causes an imbalance in hormonal secretion. You will feel sleepy throughout the day. The above-mentioned home remedies for deep sleep will give you a healthy sleeping pattern.

You can also try some essential oils like lavender oil, meditation, and yoga to enhance mental peace and an intense sleeping. If these are not effective to solve your sleeping problems, you need to consult the medical professional.

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