Save The Lives with Home Remedies for COPD Exacerbation

COPD exacerbation stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It is a condition of acute lung disease. After accessing thousands of patients worldwide, doctors have found reliable medically reviewed home remedies for COPD exacerbation.

Let us take a closer look at some of the crucial aspects of COPD.

What is COPD?

As mentioned above, it stands for respiratory disease. In the US and worldwide, one of the major causes of the increase in mortality amongst humans is respiratory diseases.

It is no surprise how painful it is to see your loved ones suffering from an acute lung disorder. Lungs are meant to deliver oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the rest of the body.

One cannot stress more on the importance of healthy lungs. In a layman’s language, it could be termed as the gateway for the two most valuable gases in the atmosphere.

Having a defective lung acts as a blockage to the entire process of exchanging gases in our lungs. Therefore, a person who is suffering from COPD suffers from shortness of breathing(SOB). Long term untreated COPD decreases the vital capacity of lungs.

Patients with COPD increases the chances of respiratory infections quickly. If not treated immediately, with the disease progression, the respiratory distress can increase tremendously.

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The lung condition of the people with severe COPD can deteriorate at any time that leads to immediate hospitalization.

What are the causes of COPD?

Before summarizing home remedies for COPD exacerbation, we must learn about the causes that might influence it. The causes are as follows:

1. Smoking

There was doubt about smoking being at the top of the list. Whenever one thinks of respiratory problems, the first cause that comes to our mind is smoking.

A simple Google search would show us some horrifying images of how smoking could turn our lungs into charcoal-like.

2. Exposure to Dust

While smoking is under our control, exposure to fumes exerted from automobiles isn’t. We all are aware of how busy the roads of New York are. Therefore a busy road is expecting to have loads of cars and other vehicles emitting gases into the air.

Daily commuters are exposing to such polluted air that they inhale unknowingly. Over time the harmful gases block the lungs making it incapable of filtering them out.

3. Genetic

An unfortunate reason for COPD exacerbation could be genetic. If a person is continuously exposed to a smoker, he or she will likely be affected. Such a person is knowing as a passive smoker when in the company of an actual smoker.

In this case, the person concerned has no clue of harming oneself by sharing a shared room or environment.

Why Choose Home remedies for COPD exacerbation?

One of the fundamental questions that might cross one’s mind is why one would choose to treat one’s loved ones at home despite knowing the ill effects of COPD. The main aim of using home remedies for COPD is to steadily improve the quality of life.

Several herbal remedies can help to treat the disease in a better way.

Before starting any herbal medicines, make sure the drug has proven clinical trials and systematic reviews.

  • The primary reason of choosing home remedies could be expenditure. Hospitals in the US aren’t inexpensive. COPD is a chronic lung disease, and the percentage of the cure for COPD is less.
  • The treatment for COPD is long term and costly. When it comes to lung diseases, one is expecting to spend a lot more time. The procedures are expensive, and yet the results might not be very satisfactory.
  • It is an infection that is continuously spreading across your lungs.
  • When doctors and researchers gave the nod for treating patients at home to be safe, families breathed a sigh of relief.
  • If treatment is continuing at home, then the family can not only save thousands but also get to monitor the affected closely at homes.

Five Major Steps to Gift Your Loved Ones a Safe and Healthy Life

With medical science progressing just like a flash of light, treatments for lung diseases have also come to the surface. A list of solutions for COPD patients that could be followed at home has been discussed below. The list is as follows:

1. Having Clear Knowledge about the symptoms of COPD

Once a legit doctor has diagnosed the patient, you can easily carry out the treatment without any hassle. While the guidance of a doctor is paramount, online research could also help you find symptoms of COPD exacerbation.

You must be willing to monitor the patient so that you do not miss any signs such as constant coughing, problems while breathing, and vertigo.

2. Following Doctor Recommended Medication

The foremost step to treating someone affected by any disease would be following the doctor’s prescription. You should always maintain the routine of treating the patient according to the medically reviewed recommendation.

All medicines mentioned in the prescription must be given with the utmost importance. Negligence to routine can worse the situations, especially if the patient is aged.

3. Routine Meals

While medication is important, it is better to feed him/her according to a set routine. A chart must follow with sufficient nutrients and carbohydrates for the patient’s intake.

If he/she is having problems in gulping down solid food items, make sure to feed them the same food in a fluid state. The patient’s diet must maintain at all costs.

4. Breathing Exercises

The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

COPD is a chronic disease, and with the disease progression, the exercise tolerances also decrease.

An effective way to treat COPD could be breathing exercises. It can help to regulate the breathing habits of the affected. There are several exercises, such as pursed-lip breathing, diaphragm breathing, and many more. Check the Diaphragmatic Breathing Benefits

You do not have to overstress the patient while exercising. Patients can slowly understand the exercises with regular practice. Let the process of exercising be slow but effective.

5. Manage Stress level


Often anxiety can trigger breathing problems. An anxious person is expecting to smoke quite often, as mentioned above, smoking can lead to a defective lung.

Therefore, you must make an effort to keep your loved ones motivated at all times. Motivation can do wonders to one’s mind, especially if the person is going through a tough time. You can try these 20 Habits to Improve Mental Health and improve work Life Balance

Along with other recommendations, few essential oils like eucalyptus,  lavender, and bergamot oil can helps to easy the COPD cough.

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If proper measures are taken at the right time, you can save your near and dear ones from the clasps of COPD. It is a dangerous disease that can harm one’s essential organ, eventually taking the person’s precious life. Be alert and active to take care of the infection.

Try a few Home remedies for COPD exacerbation to cope with the disease in the long run to improve the quality of living. All efforts must be made to curb the spread of the infection across the lungs.

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