Develop a Healthy Eating Habits With This 10 Easy Tips

Developing healthy eating habits is always a good approach to keep the body and mind healthy and fit. If you want to stay happy and healthy, then you need to follow the healthy diet chart strictly.

If you start a healthy eating schedule and suddenly drop the plan to enjoy the spicy fast-foods regularly, then all the efforts would be in vain.

You first need to set the mind-set to start and fallow the healthy eating habit. Otherwise, you will drop this plan to stay healthy within a very short time.

Commit to yourself to consume little sugar, have snacks with veggies and fruits rather than with spicy deep-fries, and have no ice cream and chocolate just before going to bed.

Unhealthy eating habits-

At first, you have to understand what is healthy eating habits and what is an unhealthy eating habit. Then only you can develop healthy eating habits.

  • Do not finish your plate properly.
  • Taken junk food or any other food whenever you are spending leisure time.
  • Always eating in a hurry without proper chewing the food.
  • Skipping the meal is one of the most dangerous unhealthy habits to face you seek in the long term.
  • Always craving for chicken and meat.
  • Not to take enough fresh vegetables and salads.
  • Eating the same type of food or no variation in food. It causes a deficiency of different vitamins and nutrients in the body.

The importance of healthy eating habits

Humans cannot survive healthily without proper nutrition. There are different types of vitamins and minerals. All vitamins and Minerals are essential to our body either in a lesser amount or in a higher amount.

So, we have to take a balanced diet in which all the protein vitamins and minerals are maintaining in appropriate quantities for a healthy body. So this is very much important to maintain a healthy eating habit to live disease-free.

What are healthy eating habits?

Healthy eating habits are those essential for a healthy living. Take fresh fruits and green vegetables inadequate quantity every day.

Drink plenty of water. Take at least 2 to 3 liters of water on a regular basis.

How to develop a healthy eating habit? 

Try this 10 tips

You should not consider it as a sacrifice. Try to enjoy this healthy food habit. Explore more recipes in this healthy food schedule that will make your diet interesting.

1. Try to take at least 5 balanced meals daily

This balanced diet schedule consists of lunch, dinner and breakfast, and 2 times healthy snacks.

Each of these meals contains protein, starch/grain, and fruits/ vegetable.

The plate of a balanced diet should contain the essential portion of vegetables and fruits (half plate), starch and grains (a quarter portion of the plate), and protein sources (the remaining quarter portion).

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2. Measure the calorie and control the food quantity

You can control building calories by controlling the food intake quantity. Before having the packed foods, you need to check the labels of ingredients and their quantities in that food.

You need to have a smaller plate while having food. Another strategy is to control the serving quantity.

If you are out for having food, take a small portion of food on your plate and take away the rest for your pets or needy people.

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The calorie equation

Calorie (in+out) = calorie gain/deficit

You need to use the scale and measuring cups to maintain the number of foods. Less eating means a low intake of calories.

  • 250 ml or a cup (fistful) of beans, cereals or rice
  • 90g or three-ounce of fish, beef, chicken or other lean meat
  • 30g or an ounce of cheese

3. Breakfast is essential

The research result shows that people who have regular breakfast possess a healthy body weight than people skip.

Breakfast is the most essential source of the primary energy required for performing metabolic functions. This also provides initial critical nutrients to the body. The regular habit of taking breakfast improves and enhances the metabolism of our body and thus helps to maintain healthy body weight.

The habit of skipping breakfast increases the tendency to consume more snacks all day and even in the night when the rate of metabolism is lesser.

This tends to increase the extra calorie and bodyweight easily.

If you are feeling hungry at night try this 7 Best Foods to Eat at Night

Breakfast should include healthy fats (fatty acids of omega 6s and omega 3s), complex carbohydrates, and lean protein. This stabilizes the level of insulin and strengthens the lean muscles of the body.

A good and healthy breakfast also makes the mood and positive attitude to enjoy the day.

4. Six healthy breakfasts

  • Two slices of whole-grain bread (toasted) with little peanut butter and a banana
  • A cup of oatmeal (cooked) and 250 ml of milk (skimmed) or soy milk with dried cranberries
  • Fiber-rich cereals (250 ml) with soy or skimmed milk and apple (one)
  • Yogurt parfait (175 ml of yogurt, 150 ml muesli and 75 ml of fresh/ frozen)
  • Two pieces of toast (whole-grain bread), 175 ml of cottage cheese and 125 ml of pineapple
  • Vegetable-egg omelet and whole-wheat muffin

5. Focus on the metabolism capacity

Healthy eating habits aim to level up energy and develop lean muscles. That helps to build a better metabolism.

The age and metabolism capacity have an inverse relationship. Along with the increased age, the metabolism capacity slows down.

Having small “meals every three hours” is the smartest way to maintain metabolic functionalities. This will help to develop lean muscle development and regulates the caloric expenditure.

You need to keep an important thing in mind that you should not eat extra. That will make the calorie-burning capacity inefficient. Select healthy and nutritious foods over spicy-tangy snacks.

6. Go green –

Make sure your plate is full of green vegetables and salads. Try to take dark green and red leafy vegetables.

Green vegetables are the powerhouse of antioxidant as well as they prevent cancer.

A different study shows that taking 3 to 4 green vegetable Park week  Lower the risk of breast cancer skin cancer and colon cancer.

Try to take carrot spinach on your plate they are the good sources of vitamin A and C.

You can follow The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Diet Plan in the Various Season According to Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

7. Don’t forget to take fruits-

Fruits are the best source of different micronutrients and vitamins. Fruits have a lot of health benefits. It reduces bad cholesterol reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Foods that are rich sources of fiber which is important for proper bowel function. Regular intake of fruits can reduce the constipation problem.

Try to take at least 2 fruit every day. If you cannot understand which fruit to take don’t worry. Every fruit is good.

Take any two seasonal fruit which is easily available or you can take apple every day. You can try these Best Fruits to Eat Daily

8. Be mindful while eating

Whenever you feel hungry, have a little. Don’t make your hunger starvation. That will instigate you to overeat.

People generally are least bothered in their regular calorie intake and hunger.

People should follow any of the reliable food journals. That will motivate the people by knowing the facts and figures and the impact of healthy food habits.

Feel full and satisfied after having your meal. If you want to have cookies, then walk to the shop, buy that and have a little with skimmed milk or herbal tea.

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It is considered to be one of the best hydration sources for the body. In contrast, caffeinated beverages create a fluid loss in the body.

If you can’t control the greed, you will eat more to full the stomach. That will ruin your health condition.

You need to make your mind happy and full with a little portion of food. This habit will also encourage you to have your favorite food sometimes.

Though it might be difficult to perform and carry out, still you have to do that to maintain a healthy body and a happy mind.

9. Have plenty amount of water

Water maintains the proper hydration level of the body. It also carries the energy and essential nutrients to different body cells, supports muscles, removes waste from the body, controls the body temperature, and maintains a healthy body-weight.

The beat hydration sources are beverages (non-alcoholic), non-caffeinated, vegetables, fruits, and soups.

Twenty percent of the water is absorbed from the food to continue the physical activities. Keep the water available always with you.

Consumption of plain water is the best way to keep the body healthy and active.

Have a glassful of plain water on a regular interval will maintain the energy flow within the body and thus make you active throughout the day.

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10. Take Juice

Juice is not only a good hydration source but it is enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients. While having juice, you need to avoid sugar to ignore unwanted gain of body weight.

Sports drinks are loaded with essential electrolytes and these are beneficial for the sportsmen to perform with full energy.

You can add whole grains to your regular food chart to keep your stomach happy. Food-supplements are generally loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Take this to fulfill the daily nutrient requirements of the body.

Try to avoid the calorie intake by having chocolates or doughnuts. Single chocolate daily will magically increase the energy level but the level will drop instantly after some time. That adversely impacts health.


Along with healthy eating habits, you need to control your activity. You should not over walk, over-exercise or over-regulate the habits to control the body weight or to make you healthy. These will ultimately show adverse health effects.

Follow and stick to the food schedule strictly. Another thing is having your food at a slow pace.

Chew and crush the food properly and then swallow that. These healthy eating habits will provide the optimal functionalities of the body and keep the body healthy and active.

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