The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Diet Plan in the Various Season According to Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Diet Plan in the Various Season According to Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

In our busy day to day lifestyle, we forget to take proper food for nutrients which is very much necessary for our body.  We need a variety of foods and a good healthy diet plan for active and healthy living.

To become physically fit and healthy we need to take a well balanced nutritious food.

First, we have to understand what is healthy food or diet and what are the healthy food to eat in our daily diet. A healthy diet plan is the combination of the nutritious foods in which our body can get all the nutrients which are necessary for our daily diet.

A poor nutritious food leads to reduce our immunity and at the same point of time it increases the susceptibility of attacking the disease, it also reduces our physical and mental ability.

For an average healthy man that daily recommended calorie intake is 2500 Kilocalorie and for a woman, the dose is 2000 kilocalories.The calorie intake change depending on the physical activity level age and metabolism rate.

You can be healthy and fit if you change a bit in your daily diet chart diet plans. Will discuss a healthy diet plan or healthy diet chart for men and women according to season wise. There is lots of Fruit and Vegetables found according to the different season.

Be healthy With some changes In your food habit or diet according to the season. Our body is interrelated with nature. So, changes in nature also affect on our body. If, you want to be healthy and fit then follow this some seasonal diet guideline.

Summer Healthy Diet Plan

In the summer take lots of healthy seasonal sweet fruit like mango, watermelon etc. take light meal along with minimum 8 ounces (0.24 l) of water every day. In the summer, it is very much necessary to hydrate your body, focus on the balanced easy digestible diet plan.

Apply Sandalwood paste On the body. It sooth harsh Sunburn and clear Sun tanning. Applying sandalwood paste on the body gives a soothing effect on the skin and it prevents from the rashes and bacterial infection of the skin.

In the summer, sleep in a place where the air ventilation is good enough that means where fresh air flows normally. If, possibly take a power nap in the daytime.

Monsoon Healthy Diet Plan –

In the monsoon our digestive power becomes decreases. In this season it is tough to digest spicy food. Take easily digestible food in this season. Add more bitter vegetables in your daily diet in this season.

Try to avoid power nap in the day time as the body is getting lethargic in this season. Try to avoid very hard work, excessive exposure to Sun and heavy physical activities.

Autumn Healthy Diet Plan –

In Autumn, our body increases bile production. In the Autumn, avoid foods which are high in fat includes sugary food, junk food and cheese filled food focus on healthy eating. Try to avoid excessive exposure in Sun and power nap in the day time.

Prewinter & Winter Healthy Diet Plan – 

In this season our digestive power increases. In this season lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables are available. In the winter our appetite increases, you can take whatever food you want of your choice.

Avoid juicy fruits,  and power nap in this season. Don’t keep empty your stomach at this time because in winter the metabolic rate increases, so body need extra fuel.

Spring season Healthy Diet Plan –

In the Spring season, digestive power decreases because at this time  Bilirubin production increases from our liver. In this time we have to be more cautious on the healthy diet plan which is easy to digest because of the seasonal changes. The chances of attack by various disease increase at this time like pox measles etc.

Take light digestible food and seasonal fruits more in your diet in this season, you can take a power nap if you want.


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