10 Types of Healthiest Apples You Should Not Miss

The apple is the most recognized and delicious fruit. As the adage goes, ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ still holds true. Apple season is after the summer, in the crisp hues of autumn. In the fall, many healthiest apples are available for eating.

As the name suggests, the healthiest apples are good for you in many ways. They’re a natural source of fibre, boosts immunity, aids in disease-fighting, and so much more. Apples have other health benefits relating to our organs. Blood, heart, and gut are three main points where the nutrients of the apple directly help in our well-being.

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The heart and blood arteries especially benefit from eating apples. The cardiovascular system gets a big boost, keeping heart disease away. Even obesity-related disorders like high blood sugar get normalized, research has found. It has vitamin C, K, and beta-carotene, which benefit our gut bacteria in cell block rebuilding. It has Pectin, a natural fibre that keeps you fit and regular by maintaining your blood lipid profile.

List of Top 10 Healthiest Apples of the World

Here are ten types of healthiest apples which we are talking about today. There are six single breed organic apples and four hybrids.

So, whether you’re picking them from an orchard or buying them off a shelf, you will know what taste to expect from them and how to best enjoy them.

1. Golden delicious (Yellow)

This is an all-purpose apple. The Golden Delicious, along with the Red Delicious, is commonly found in all fruit sellers’ carts.

These healthiest apples are mildly sweet, are juicy, but aren’t all that different from a red delicious in taste. They are best enjoyed chopped into a salad or baked into a pie.

2. Braeburn

Did you know that Braeburn apples were discovered as opposed to breeding? Braeburn apples were discovered in New Zealand. Its genus (family) is the Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith types of apple. Braeburn has a textbook—apple flavour. The fine balance of sweet and tart flavours. They have faint notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. Have it raw. It’s also known to juice very little when baking it.

3. Red delicious apple

The Red Delicious apple is the sister of the delicious golden apple. It has thick skin; the taste is like a one-note, while the texture is crumbly like moist sand. Though it’s the most common type of red apple and abundantly grown, it ironically is far from the most flavourful among the conventionally grown.

It is the least regarded apple when it comes to baking.

4. Granny smith apple

Granny Smith apples are probably the healthiest apples of all apple varieties. They’re also the most common type of green apple. It’s stout, crisp, and is juicy inside. These apples tend to sweeten when kept in storage.

You can eat it in pies, raw, or mix it with salads where you can offset its tartness. Nut butter goes well with Granny Smith apples.

5. Gala apple

This apple comes from New Zealand and has gained popularity in the last 20 years. It’s a hybrid apple. The apple skin is pinkish-orange over a gold base. Its crisp and juicy flesh having fragrance and relatively sweet taste makes it so desirable. The best way to have it is juiced, in salads, and eating it raw.

6. Pink Lady Apple

Pink Lady is a brand name for the Cripps Pink variety apples grown under a specific license which dictates a rigid sugar-to-acid ratio. This is a hybrid apple. Those apples that will not qualify as Pink lady will be sold as Cripps variety instead.

The taste is a cross between Golden Delicious apple and the Lady Williams apple variety. The apple is crunchy when you bite it and has a tart flavour that gives a sweet taste when chewed raw. Eat it raw, put it in salads, or bake it in pies.

7. McIntosh

When people get their hands on this apple, they think that it is akin to the Red Delicious apple. McIntosh apples have a striking red skin, and it carries a succulent taste to go along with their beauty. A single breed apple, the inner flesh is soft. McIntosh apples strike a balance between tartness and sweetness and are one of the healthiest apples.

Eat it raw, or sauce it, or mix it in a salad. McIntosh apples generally collapse when baked.

8. Pendragon Apple

This apple is lesser-known. Pendragon apple has the highest levels of red colour, but it has a different shape from the rest and is less scented in fragrance. Even the wood and leaves of the tree are red-stained. 

The fruit is exceptionally dark, and the flavour is sweet without being acidic. It would go quite well to a cider or juice it.

9. Fuji Apple

Fuji Apples were first harvested in Japan near Mount Fuji. They’re still the most popular variety in their native place. Fuji apples are a hybrid between two American varieties, i.e., the Red Delicious and Ralls Genet.

These apples are dense in the flesh, crispy by nature, and are widely regarded by fruit experts as the sweetest of all apple varieties introduced to the United States in the 1980s. The fun fact is that—now more Fuji apples are produced in America than in Japan.

Chew it raw, put it into salads, or bake a pie out of Fuji apples.

10. Honey crisp

The official state fruit of Minnesota happens to be the Honey crisp apple. This variety of apple was developed for “cold-weather” regions. The Honey crisp keeps things simple with an overall light flavour.

Interestingly, this apple happens to be sweeter than tart. It has juicy flesh and is crunchy in taste. Any baking task makes the Honey crisp apple an excellent choice for those who prefer gluten-free apples. They’re better for baking because of their taste.

To Sum Up

These are the healthiest apples, and you can eat them all to get various flavours. You can choose between red or golden coloured apple to change your taste. Make sure to wash it before eating it raw properly.

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Special Note – 

Eating apples is always a healthy choice. But since the threat of the COVID-19 virus is still not over, you should continue following the same precautionary measures you have been taking all this while. Be sure to wash the apple properly. Also, please wash your hands thoroughly using the appropriate means and then only look to eat it.

So, keep this in mind and of course, enjoy eating apples as much as you want!

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