(OMG) Why I Hate Jogging, And What That Has To Do With Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Hi, I am Purnendu Barai, A Physical therapist. Today we are discussing a few best exercises to lose weight.

Before going into the topic check, yourself if the topic is really for you. First, take a test by yourself and standing position touch your foot by your hand is it really tough for you? Are you exaggerating you to doing this?

If the answer is yes, then you are fatty or obese. Don’t worry you are in the right place and you will definitely get some help after reading this.

Over Weight, people find it quite difficult to lose the extra calories that are acquired. Regular exercises are an excellent way of getting rid of your excess fat.

Cycling Exercise Benefits –

Cycling Exercise Benefits for men and women

The most healthy way to lose weight is by exercises. If you find exercises dull, biking is an excellent option. It’s possible to spend some helpful hours biking in a nearby park or along the roadside. Not only will this refresh you, but may keep your interest alive and intact. You can lose weight fast & burn up to 1, 000 calories by spending an hour on a stationary bike.


Aerobics Exercise – Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Aerobics Exercise ideas for men and women

Rigorous aerobics are effective in burning just as much as 800 calories. Therefore, make rowing your routine workouts to shed weight and regular aerobic routine will show you the results.

Swimming – Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Swimming exercise

If water is not your aversion, then a dip at fresh and cool water can do wonders for you. Swimming not only reduces weight at the same point of time it increases the endurance and the muscular strength of the whole body.  Swimming also improves cardiovascular fitness. It will help you lose weight & burn up to 800 calories.


High-Intensity Interval Training Exercising-

Exercising tones your muscles and helps you shed weight quickly. Spend at least half an hour time for exercise in the gym or you can start at your home.

If you are a beginner then start with stretching exercise then gradually focus on “high-intensity interval training” later on start strengthening exercise and focus more on the core strengthening and stability.

Dancing – Best Exercise To Lose Weight


Dancing may help you get rid of additional weight in an intriguing and efficient way. So, dance your way to a fit and healthy existence.

Exercise with Ball – Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Start the exercise with the ball. Place the ball against the wall. Fast steps shed the ball against the wall and measures lose gradually.

Here’s How Exercise with Help you to Reduce Body Weight

Approximately you may lose around 800 calories per the ball against the wall and shed weight. Racquetball actually is the ball against the wall and those additional calories.

You may easily lose around the ball against the wall and hammering the ball against the wall and following the opponent.

Racquetball is an extremely popular sport for maintaining fitness and also to shed weight easy and fast.

Meditation –

You can be shocked that, by meditation, you can also reduce the extra fat. Meditating and practicing yoga may help you shed weight effectively. It enhances you’ve got a fast and quick temperament, then kickboxing is. Yoga helps you burn just up to 200 calories if perform properly.


Whether burn about 600 calories per hour merely the best option for you. A single workout can help to shed weight and it could burn about 600 calories per hour.

Walking –

Walking is the simplest way to the muscles of your stomach, arms and leg muscles. When You can’t gym then Walking is the simplest method to shed weight off your body but you should walk at a speed thus you sweat. Walking works on the whole. So, start walking and lose weight.

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