13 Easy Exercise for Seniors to Improve Balance and Strength: Senior Workout at Home

A large number of seniors are suffering from a common problem of imbalance. Along with the increased age, people lost their steadiness and fall easily. There is a couple of specialized and easy exercise for seniors to improve balance and strength.

Cardiac complications, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Arthritis are a few of the significant causes that reduce the capacity of the elders to stand and walk steadily. This imbalance causes the easy to fall down and sometimes creates serious injuries.

Besides such chronic health complications, elderly people easily fall due to other several reasons such as decreased physical fitness, medicinal side-effects, and weak eyesight. The body cannot get enough to heal or repair especially at an old age. A well-scheduled and moderate exercise for seniors helps to improve their body coordination and balances.

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The best easy exercise for seniors to improve their strength and balance – 

This 13 easy exercise for seniors helps them to improve balance and coordination in a very effective way.

1. Rock the boat:

This is a very simple pattern of exercise. The seniors who walk regularly, this exercise is best fitted for them. This exercise does not require equipment. The people need to wear walking shoes and stand on a standard yoga mat to continue the exercise. This will give a little cushion to carry out the exercise easily. They need thorough supervision while performing the exercise.

  • Keep the feet apart
  • Maintain same weight on each side of the body
  • Raise the arms and keep to the shoulder level (for balancing)
  • Keep your body straight, shoulders back and keep the head forward
  • Lift your one leg off the floor
  • Hold this position for 30 sec
  • Bring that leg on the ground
  • Do the same for your other leg
  • Continue this exercise for five minutes for both legs
  • First, do this procedure slowly and when you feel comfortable and confident enough, you can increase the speed

Thorough monitoring is essential. One more thing is that stop doing exercise while your muscles say no.

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2. Tight-rope walks:

This is a popularly prescribed and well-accepted exercise to improve the core strength, posture, and balance for the seniors. But the exercise is extremely simple.

  • This exercise does not require any equipment
  • Lift your hands parallel to the shoulders (both side)
  • Start walking by following a straight line
  • Pause for 1 or 2 sec whenever you lift the foot off the floor
  • Concentrate on a particular point to keep your head straight
  • This will help to improve the body balance and you can continue the process easily
  • Do this with 15 to 20 steps and then move to further exercise

The seniors need thorough supervision at the time of exercising. You can help them by counting the steps and motivate them to continue. This will help them to perform this exercise easily and become confident.

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3. Flamingo stand:

This is popular for its senior-friendliness.

  • Stand on your single leg for 10 to 15 secs
  • Hold something to maintain the body balance
  • Stretch your other leg on the forward direction
  • Repeat the same for 5 times and the move for the other leg
  • Continue the same for your other leg

To ensure the right body posture, you need thorough supervision. You need to keep your head, back, and shoulders straight and steady. When you become efficient in doing this exercise, you need to lift your legs higher as much as possible than the ground.

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4. Toe line:

This exercise will strengthen your legs to prevent easy fall down while walking.

  • Keep one of your heels against the wall
  • Place the other foot in front of the previous, so that the heel of this foot touches the toe of the previous foot
  • Try to have a walking motion with the alternative foot but without hampering the posture and position
  • Put your body weight on the heel to one foot and then transfer it to the toe of the other foot
  • You need to make sure that you are maintaining the heel and toe properly
  • Maintain this walking posture until you reach at least 20 steps

Supervision is required for the seniors to continue the exercise properly. After the initial few steps, you need to concentrate on a single point to maintain stability while performing the exercise.

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5. Leg raise (side):

This exercise requires a chair and thorough supervision.

  • Hold the chair with your hands
  • Stand by keeping your legs apart
  • Life up one of the legs sidewise
  • Make sure that your head and the toe of the grounded leg are in the forward position
  • Hold that leg for a few seconds and then bring down on the ground
  • Do the same for your other leg
  • Continue the process alternatively for both the legs
  • 5 times for each leg

Increase this exercising frequency as you become efficient and confident with time and practice.

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6. Leg raise (back):

This simple training increases the strength significantly, especially in seniors. It improves body balance and strength. Besides these benefits, this also provides support to the lower back.

  • Stand behind a chair
  • Keeping your balance by holding the chair
  • Lift one of your legs in a backward position by bending it from the knee
  • Hold this posture for few seconds
  • Then place back it on the ground
  • Do the same for your other leg
  • Do this 15 times for each leg

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10. Wall push up:

This a simple and senior-friendly exercise. All that you need is a wall to perform the exercise.

  • Stand in front of the wall with a distance of a forward-stretched hand
  • Place your palm gently on the wall
  • Grip the floor firmly with your legs
  • Push the body towards the wall
  • Push-back the body from the wall and take it to the previous position
  • Continue this exercise for fifteen to twenty times for getting effective result

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11. Balancing wand:

You need to have supported such as broom, cane, or umbrella. You can do this exercise in a sitting position.

  • Hold one end of the selected item on the palm and with affirm grip
  • Hold the object as much as possible
  • Do the same with the other hand
  • Continue this exercise for a few minutes by using your both hands alternatively

12. Heel raise:

This will increase the stability of the heels, knee joints, and ankles. You can use a chair while performing the exercise. Otherwise, you can also involve hand-weight for improving your intensity.

  • Stand upright
  • Feet need to be apart
  • For the initial minutes, you can stretch your hands on sides for better balance
  • Raise both of your heels and stand on the balls of the feet
  • Gently low down the heels and stand on the floor
  • Continue this exercise for 10 times

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13. Squat to a chair:

This exercise suitable for any elderly person to improve body balance. This will help to strengthen the hips and knees of the elderly persons. One problem is associated with this exercise. That the continuous sit-ups and downs. During these movements, the aged people can lose their body balance and easily fall.

This exercise significantly improves body stability. As there is a risk factor is associated with this exercise, thorough supervision is essentially required.

  • Stand in front of a chair
  • Keep your legs apart from each other
  • Raise your chest slightly
  • Lowering the hips back
  • Now sit up and down on the chair
  • You need not extend the knees beyond your toes
  • You need to keep the body in a forward-leaning position (start this from the hip region)

A few essential tips

  • Try to maintain a healthy body weight. A poor diet chart can also hamper your body balance. Consult with a dietician to get assistance in this context.
  • You need to maintain an active lifestyle. You need to walk regularly and join different social groups to keep the body and mind balanced.
  • If you have a trembled body balance. You need to use the walking support or aid prescribed by the physician. The continuous utilization of this aid will improve body balance and strength.
  • The seniors need to join the strength training program. This will tone up the body balance and strength.


Most of the senior people are suffering from inefficient body-balance and coordination. As a result, they fall more often. Sometimes they develop serious injuries due to frequent falling. The best way is to strengthen your muscles and improve body balance is a set of moderate exercises.

Such exercise for seniors is simple in nature and easy to perform. Along with the exercise, you can follow the above-stated tips for better results. Other than that, you need to be in touch with a physical therapist when you are getting old.





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