Dry Eye Syndrome Symptoms and Causes: 10 Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Dry eye is also known as dry eye disease or dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes are not curable but it can be better managed by home remedies. Here we are discussing dry eye symptoms, causes and 10 best home remedies for dry eyes.

Dry eye is an inflammation of the cornea which leads to dryness of eyes. The medical term is used to describe is Keratitis sicca. First, we have to know that what is dry eyes and why it happens.  This happened when the tear gland can’t produce enough lubricant to make the eyes moist.

This is extremely irritating; the person needs to blink their eyelids repeatedly to make the eyes a little moist. This medical situation is painful also. The environmental and clinical conditions might be responsible for such problems.

Signs of dry eyes – 

  • This is mainly caused by low tear production or low tear quality.
  • Reddish appearance in the white portion of eyes
  • A scratchy feeling in the eyes or the person might feel like something remain within the eyes
  • Excessive eye fatigue
  • Mucous could be visible inside or around the eyes
  • The eyes can’t tolerate high power lights
  • Vision will be blurred

Factors affecting/ Cause of Dry Eyes –

  • Medication
  • Clinical condition
  • Aging
  • Allergies
  • Cataract
  • Environmental factors

10 home remedies for dry eyes – 

1. Omega 3 fatty acid –

Omega 3 fatty acid is an essential remedy for dry eyes. This is helpful in the reduction of inflammation. Reduced inflammation increases the tear production in eyes and thus the dry eyes become moist. This also helps to improve tear quality.

You can add a few foods to your diet plan for more omega 3 fatty acids intake. They are chia seeds, palm oil, flaxseed oil or ground flaxseed, walnuts, eggs, and fatty fish.

2. Avoid Hairdryer and Fan –

You need to avoid hairdryer and fan. These produce heavy air and are responsible for dry eyes. You can blindfold your eyes to avoid direct fan at the bedtime. You need to use sunglasses or spectacles for avoiding light and pollution. At this time, the eyes become sensitive.

3. Avoid Continuous Use of Gadgets –

Frequent use of a computer, smartphone, and television makes the eyes dry. You need to give rest to your eyes. That will also help to reduce the drying problems of your eyes.

4. Use Humidifier during the winter –

During the winter season, you need to on the humidifier to keep your eyes moist.

5. Warm Compress on the Eyelids –

You need to put the warm compress on the eyelids and then wash the eyelids with soft soaps or shampoos. That will help to wash off excess oils on the eyelid and helps to improve the quality of tears. You need to be careful at the time of washing the shampoo on the eyelids. The shampoo should be washed off totally, otherwise, that might increase the eye irritation.

6. Avoid Smoking –

You should avoid or quit the smoking habit. Cigarette smoking triggers the symptoms of dry eyes.

7. Blink Your Eyes More –

If you are suffering from a dry eye problem, you need to blink your eyes more. That will help to hydrate your eyes.

8. Proper Ergonomics –

Keeps your computer below the eye level while working on it. That will help to reduce the tear evaporation from the eyes.

9. Hydrate Yourself –

Have more water on a daily basis. Drinking more water will help to stay you hydrated and the dry eye problem might reduce to a level. You should avoid caffeine and alcohol. These will increase the dry eye problem.

10. Use of Sunglass –

You need to cover the eyes with good quality shades on sunlight. This habit will protect your eyes from direct air and the tear evaporation rate and keep your eyes moist for a long time.

The dry eye problem is an extremely irritating and painful clinical condition. The above stated 10 home remedies for dry eyes are the best solutions to avoid dry eyes.

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