Depression Diagnosis Self Test and Screening 5 symptoms

This has become a common scenario that people are suffering from depression. To treat the depression the first thing that is very much necessary is depression diagnosis and screening properly.

All the depressions are not the same in nature. The symptoms, time, and intensity are different for the subtypes of depression. The doctor cannot treat all the depressed persons in the same way.

Treatment comes after the proper screening and diagnosis of depression. Diagnosis is the most important factor to understand the condition of the patient and the mode of depression.

Diagnosis of depression  – 

To understand the symptoms, doctors often refer to a series of pathological tests. Based on the findings, they decide whether the symptoms are physical or psychological.

If the symptoms are psychological, the laboratory reports won’t show significant results. In those cases, talking therapy is the most reliable way to know the patients.

The doctor will understand the cause, the obstacles, and the intensity of depression faced by the patient. Screening of depression is necessary during different phases of life.

During the annual visit, pregnancy check-up, critical illness and after menopause, the depression screening becomes a necessity. After childbirth, a new mother should go through the depression screening procedure. Postpartum depression is very common in new mothers.

Doctors or medical professionals need to be careful while listening to the symptoms of depression. The professional will ask a structured questionnaire. This screening process will help the professional to understand the facts about the patient.

To make a proper diagnosis, scientific, structured and professional screening process is essentially required. Based on those findings, doctors can start medication and therapy.

The screening process is mostly related to lifestyle, appetite, daily schedule, mood state, habits, and behavior of the patient.

The professional speaks to the patients. At the same time, they also discuss with the patient’s family members for going to the root of the cause of depression.

Why depression diagnosis?

The screening processes requires a series of physical test, face to face communication with the patient and his/ her family and other. Proper screening help to decide the exact way of treatment for the depression patient.

Sometimes, the findings rule out the possibility of a psychological angle. Then a regular physician can help the patient to recover. That is why screening and diagnosis of depression are almost mandatory.

The doctor will examine and evaluate the signs based on the persistence, severity, and impacts on daily life. The doctor commonly asks questions based on the followings,

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] The level of attraction and enjoyment.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] The energy level and fatigue.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] The frequency of mood fluctuations, and sadness on a daily basis.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] The pattern of sleep.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] A feeling of unnecessary guilt, worthlessness or hopelessness.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] Irritation and restlessness.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] The changing mode of appetite.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] Suicidal thoughts, tendency, and attempts.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] Difficulties in decision making and concentration.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” color=”#f20909″ type=”fa”] Change in body weight, and digestion.

If you have developed at least 5 symptoms from the above and for a long time, please visit the doctor. You need a depression diagnosis.

Ignorance of these symptoms will end you silently. Clinical depression often leads to physical complications such as cardiac disease, cancer, and chronic digestive disorder.

A little change in your lifestyle and structured guidelines from the professionals can return your valuable happy life.

When to Visit Doctor? 

Are you are experiencing poor concentration, poor memory, hand wringing, pacing, the feeling of preoccupation?  If you also feel problems in eye contact, agitation, slow down the pace of speech, sad countenance, body aches, slow body movements, and catatonic signs for a considerable period, you should not wait to visit a doctor. The proper screening and diagnosis of these symptoms will help you to get better treatment in accordance. That will re-track your life at a normal pace.

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