Can Stress Cause Chest Pain Everyday ~ An Unexplained Fact

Are you in constant stress? Are you suffering with occasional chest pain? Is it due to stress? Check below can stress cause chest pain and other complication? See below  how to get rid from it?

It is usual for people to get nervous, worry, or be fearful. These are usual reactions to certain atypical situations that one faces every day.

But some experience stress and anxiety regularly. And when it keeps happening for a long time, those usual signs of worry and anxiety can turn into concerning physical reactions.

A common example of anxiety is chest pain. It is something which roughly 12-16% of the population experience at some point.

It is saying that not every cardiac chest pain leads to a heart attack. People often experience chest pain due to heightened reactions or stress. And that often results in anxiety or panic attacks.

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So coming to the discussion topic – ‘can stress cause chest pain’; the CDC explains…

There are over 790,000 people in the USA (with 14-16 % of the population around the world) who have coronary artery disease. But not all of them result in severe heart attacks!”

Some Field Scientists Hypothesize –

Around 25-28% of people seeking treatment to cure their chest pain suffer from panic or anxiety disorder. The symptoms of both heart attacks and panic disorders are similar in many ways. And that’s what makes it so difficult to differentiate for a commoner.”

If you’re experiencing chest pain due to anxietyit is essential to understand your condition by taking medical advice for proper diagnosis or treatment. Doing so will help you learn about the most typical anxiety chest pain symptoms and determine the suitable treatment for your condition.

Now that you have a brief idea of the subject matter- can stress cause chest pains, it is time to dig deeper and learn further. 

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More On Anxiety Attacks, It’s Causes, Symptoms & Treatments 

Explaining Anxiety Attacks (Also known as Panic Disorders)

Also known as panic disorders, anxiety attacks occur when one experiences strong feelings like intense emotions, stress, and fear. These signs occur randomly. And in some individuals, it can last close to an hour. However, this differs among individuals depending on their state of mind and the circumstances which surround them.

These attacks occur due to specific emotional triggers like fear of heights, elevators, extreme nervousness, etc. Some panic disorders are minor. At the same time, some anxiety attacks can make a person suffer and even hamper their life.

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Effect of Anxiety Disorder

Medical experts believe such anxiety disorders manifest in different ways. It could happen to someone who is housebound for several months or gets overly nervous when using the elevator.

They further explain – Regardless of the cause or trigger, people who experience panic attacks often spend most of their time in fear of the recurrent attack. But if they ditch their fear and make specific lifestyle changes, it could help them avoid those triggers.

Here’s an example – Suppose if someone experiences a panic attack whenever they use the elevator, they can avert potential triggers by using the stairs. That should work for most people in most cases.

Still, as explained above, the situation differs for every individual. And if someone experiences an anxiety attack too frequently, it is best to consult with a medical specialist immediately!

There are several symptoms of anxiety, chest pain is one of the major symptom of them.

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Symptoms Including for Anxiety Chest Pain

  • Unfamiliar muscle spasm or twitch in the chest
  • A stubborn burning ache
  • Tension or chest tightness
  • A sharp/shooting pain or pressure
  • Numbness in the chest

Main Causes of Anxiety Chest Pain – Can Stress cause Chest Pain Everyday?

(Here, we learn more on – how stress can cause chest pains and how it affects individuals differently. So follow closely)

Whenever the body is under extreme stress or nervousness, it relieves adrenergic hormones like norepinephrine and epinephrine and blood supply throughout the body, making up the sympathetic nervous system.

These hormones are responsible for controlling the body’s fight or flight response whenever you get anxious, stress, or fearful.

Your brain triggers the immediate stress response along with a physiological change. The muscles are becoming tighten—an experience of a surge of energy.

You become upset, frightened, or aggressive. With heightened emotions, you experience specific physical reactions like feeling short of breath or sweating. And, all this speeds up your heart rate.

Your body even releases high levels of stimulant hormones if you experience severe stress and anxiety. This causes an increase in your heart rate and makes it beat stronger until it exhausts all the heart muscles.

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You also experience unusual tightness and pressure in your chest. This chest tightness, in combination with the rapid beating of your heart, causes extreme chest pain. In most cases, when a person experiences infrequent fight-or-flight stress reactions, the body starts to recover within a few minutes.

Some individuals experience this anxiety disorder way too often. That causes more muscle tension, which invariably results in severe or even life-threatening chest pain.

Possible Treatments of Anxiety Chest Pain

(Now that you have an answer to the question – Can stress cause chest pain, and are aware of its major symptoms, it is time to focus on its possible treatments.)

If you experience frequent anxiety pains, you should visit your doctor and perform the necessary stress and EKG tests.

– In case results show your coronary artery vessels tightened or closed up, then the doctor will further perform a CABG or Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.

If the results come back negative, then your doctor will prescribe you certain medications like Beta Blockers, Simvastatin, Aspirin, and Lisinopril. Heparin, Oxygen, and Clopidogrel

Furthermore, whenever you experience a panic attack, you should sit down and look to calm your heightened emotions. Think positively that your chest pain is momentary and will fade away in a few minutes.

Lifestyle Changes 

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  • You can even try out these lifestyle modifications.
  • Count from 10-20 whenever you get an anxiety chest pain to keep your focus intact
  • Perform deep breathing exercises to reduce your high blood pressure and calm heightened emotions. You can find a quiet spot and then breathe in-and-out for 10-15 seconds. This will also help slow down your heartbeat.
  • Look to get your daily dose of sleep.
  • Also avoid too much caffeine, smoking, alcohol, and other sugary foods.
  • Regularly exercise or do yoga to help lower your anxiety
  • Surround yourself with positive people who make you happy and keeps your anxiety triggers in check
  • You can also reduce your stress or anxiety by visualizing beautiful sceneries like a relaxing sea-beach or a tropical rainforest.

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Important Talk

To answer the question- Can stress cause chest pain, the above information proves it most certainly can.

Fortunately, these anxiety chest pains are not like any severe heart disease. And with proper care, timely medications, and making certain lifestyle adjustments, this condition can be kept under control.

So, eat well. Sleep well. And look after your physical and mental health. Although this won’t help cure your anxiety disorders permanently, it will lower your future risks of emotional triggers and following panic attacks.

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