Best 5 Tips for Natural Remedies for Psoriasis on The Scalp

Best 5 Tips for Natural Remedies for Psoriasis on The Scalp

The malfunction of our immune system is largely responsible for psoriasis. Along with medicines, several Natural remedies for psoriasis on the scalp are present in our household that can ease the symptoms.

Psoriasis can grow on the scalp or any other body parts.  Here the growth of the cells is too fast. The growth takes only a few days rather than a week.

The body can’t accommodate or manage such growth of the cells. Then such cells create small lumps on our skin surface and are called psoriasis.

People who are suffering from low immunity, they have more chances to suffer from psoriasis. People with HIV, obesity, and stress need to be careful as they have low immunity. The regular smokers also could suffer from psoriasis.

Common causes of psoriasis – 

  • Side effects of medication such as iodine, lithium, and high blood pressure medicines
  • Deficiency of vitamin B
  • Regular smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Infections like skin disease and strep throat
  • Stress
  • Injuries such as severe suntan, cuts, insect bite and scrapes

If you find that you have scalp psoriasis, you need to consult with a physician. There are several effective natural remedies for psoriasis on the scalp are available. That might help to reduce the scalp psoriasis symptoms and psoriasis could be managed in a better way.

Natural remedies for psoriasis on the scalp – 

The natural remedies are safer than other treatments as these have almost no side effects. But you starting any treatment, you need to consult with the physician to know the severity of scalp psoriasis. The following proven natural remedies are safe and using as scalp psoriasis remedies.

1. Baking soda –

Baking soda is one of the easiest and effective remedies for scalp psoriasis. One spoon of baking soda needs to be mixed with a small glass of water and dip a cotton pad into the solution.

Then apply the wet pad on the affected areas of the scalp. You will get immediate relief from the itchy feeling. Keep the solution on your scalp for a little time and wash off with regular water.

2. Aloe vera –

The aloe vera plant has magical skin healing effects. The skin cream which contains aloe vera could be applied on the scalp. It will reduce the inflammation, itching, redness, and flaking of the scalp.

You need to apply it for a month at least to enjoy the positive impact on scalp psoriasis.

3. Avocadoes – 

Avocado and cocoanuts contain a higher amount of healthy fats. These fats are extremely beneficial for the skin. You can apply either of these oils on your scalp.

Massage the oil either in the warm or cool form. Then cover the scalp with a shower cap and keep it for at least 20 minutes. Then rinse the hair with regular water. This oil massage is an effective remedy for scalp psoriasis.

4. Oatmeal – 

Oatmeal bath is an effective remedy for scalp psoriasis. You need to a cup-full of normal oats and soak it in warm water. You need to take the oatmeal bath for 15 minutes.

This will help reduce the symptoms like redness of the scalp, flaking, inflammation, and itching. All the affected areas need to be submerged under the oatmeal water.

5. Garlic –

Garlic is enriched with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Those properties are essential for skin problems such as psoriasis.

Garlic prevents any infections on the skin. Pound garlic cloves and mix it with Aloe Vera gel or skin cream. Then apply on the affected portions on the scalp.

Keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes and wash the scalp with regular water. You can continue this treatment on a daily basis for the prompt result.

Conclusion – 

Psoriasis is happening due to low immunity. Proper clinical detection and medication are requiring for scalp psoriasis treatment.

Along with the medicines, the natural remedies for psoriasis on the scalp will also give a better result for scalp psoriasis.

Vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, turmeric, and tea tree oil are a few popular natural remedies other than the above stated natural remedies. Natural remedies are generally safe but effective options as remedies.

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