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We aspire to inspire as well as enable wellness every day. We want to ensure wellness that is enabled and inspired. 

How you feel affects every day of life, which is why you work so hard to achieve utmost wellness. Irrespective of the journey you pursue, we are always there to guide, support, and inspire you. 

We offer clutter-free and straightforward reviews and experiences that aspire to make the best decision for yourself. 

Balanced Live looks after different facets of physical and mental health because we prioritize the right to be healthy for everyone. 

It is because of our valued readers; Balanced Live has become one of the reliable and fastest-growing health information portals. We drive thousands of people to turn their life to Balanced Live to start their journey of being healthy. 

Balanced Live completes the gap between lifestyle and a reliable medical platform by offering the most trusted health information and resources. We also offer tips, stories, tools, insights, and the compelling voices of the most influential role models in the fitness arena. 

We have experienced and accredited health journalists in our editorial team who are specialists in their areas of coverage. Along with having years of expertise, they stay up to date on the latest news and research by participating in health-based seminars and events.

We, at Balanced Live, embark on the healthy stuff that are very important for us — also anything that’s trendy, significant, or maybe something that can change your life. Our primary objective is to make you healthy or to create actions that give you the best life. 

We provide you the tools. You make the rules.

Whether it is about the meals, living, conjugal life, brain health, or how not to gain extra weight, you can trust that all our content is based on evidence, backed by science, and approved by the experts.