7 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity and Intelligence

How to boost a child’s immune system?

Every child is the most precious gem to the parents. This could be hard to take for the parents by seeing their children fell sick easily. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are mandatory for children. Their immunity should be such strong that they could fight against infections and diseases like cold and flu.

The important question is ‘how to boost a child’s immune system?’ The power-food and the systematic routine could boost their immune system to fight against several virus and bacteria. The power foods need to include in the daily food chart, especially for the children.

3 Effective secrets how to boost a child’s immune system strong

1. Nutritional Diet – 

The main emphasis needs to be given on the food schedule. Nutritional diet is mandatory for the growth of the brain and body of a child. Malnutrition is the leading cause of low immunity system.

Lots of macronutrients and essential vitamins should be linked to the daily food plan. Folate; Vitamins like A, E, C, B6, and micronutrients like copper, selenium, zinc, iron need to be added to the daily diet plan.

An effective and balanced diet is mandatory for the kids to develop their immunity, brain growth, and physical development.

2. Sleep – 

Sleep can be described as the restoration process of the human body. Healthy and sound sleep is the key to the proper functioning of the mind and body of the kids.

The optimum and healthy sleeping pattern of kids should be followed. At night the proinflammatory cytokines and T cells are at the peak in their counting. These are responsible for the strong immunity system of the kids.

3. Light exercise – 

Light exercise is beneficial for developing a child’s immunity system. Exercise reduces the stress level and positively impacts the systems of natural killer cell.

Regular and systematic exercise will make the kids fit and active. At the same time, regular exercise makes their immunity system super strong.

‘Nothing too much is good’; you need to be cautious in the child’s exercise schedule. Because of over-exercise and activity, the immunity system could be weak.

4 Power foods to boost the immune system of kids

4. Go Green – 

Green is a symbol of freshness. Yes……. Go for greens. Add lots of green and leafy vegetables to the daily diet plan.

Green leafy vegetables have a ‘hulk’ power to fight against infections, virus, and bacteria; and boost the immunity of children.

The green veggies have the power to repair our DNAs. Green vegetables have adequate quantity of essential antioxidants that actually super-charges the immunity.

The parent needs to be aware of the benefits of the vegetables and the cons of not having them. Fenugreek and spinach are the rich sources of zinc, iron and folic acids. Lots of vitamins are also stuffed in the greens. The greens should be served to the kids with its maximum food value.

5. Fruits –

Thanks to our nature, they provide various fruit in every season. Fruit plays an important role in our everyday diet, There are several fruits that boost immune system. Regular taking of fruit not only keep away you from diseases but it also increases the intelligence level. A child can’t get sick if consume 2/3 fruit on a daily basis. But, the problem is that we are not consuming the fruit on a daily basis. A recent research report showing that if your 30% of the daily diet is filled with fruit then overall health care bill can reduce by 40%. So, increase fruit intake of your child to keep them healthy and intelligent.

6. Increase the appetite – 

The appetite of the child will increase only when with healthy digestion and excretion. Yogurt is extremely effective in intestinal track cleaning.

That results in a strong gastrointestinal system of children. Lots of flavored yogurts are available in the market. Kids easily prefer this.

Yogurt is enriching with good bacteria and probiotics. These strengthen the immunity of the kids by fighting and killing the bad bacteria in the intestinal tract and stomach.

Yogurt can serve as lassi (buttermilk), raita, flavored yogurt or plain curd. In any form, the yogurt needs to be included in the daily diet form of the kids.

7. Immunity Booster – 

To boost the immunity power of the children micronutrients are inevitable. Animal protein, milk protein, and egg protein are essential in this aspect.

The egg is the ‘superman’ in the food world. This is an enriched source of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Milk is full of vitamins, iron, and calcium. Meat is also the storehouse of minerals and vitamins. For the vegetarians, the powerhouse of protein and minerals in a variety of pulses.

To fight the pollution, virus, and bacteria, a strong immunity system is essential for the kids. Frequent illness might impact negatively on the growth of the brain and body.  By adopting a few simple ways of lifestyle and food habits could give your kid a better and healthy life.

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