7 Secrets Home Remedies for Asthma Attack to Ease Asthma Symptoms Naturally

Best Home Remedies for Asthma Attack to Ease Asthma Symptoms Naturally

Asthma is a common disease both in children and adults. If it is not treated with good care, its impact would be fatal. Here we are discussing few best home remedies for asthma attack which can give you better relief from the asthma symptoms naturally.

The irregular narrow and swollen airways create an obstruction in breathing and produce extra mucus. This triggers severe problems like shortness of breathing and wheezing.

Asthma can’t be cured but it can be treated. The symptoms and types of asthma could change over time. That is why the patient needs to be in touch with the doctor to control the impact of asthma. For some cases, asthma is a minor problem but in some cases the effect is fatal. Home remedies for asthma attack need to apply for an easy and healthy life.


Chronic Asthma Symptoms – 

The symptoms of asthma are different for different persons. Its attacks could be classified as frequent and infrequent. Few experiences the attack during physical and mental stress in the form of shortness of breathing and wheezing. The symptoms could be stated below.

  • Chest pain and tightness
  • Short breathing
  • During the cold and flu, the impact of asthma gets worse
  • At the time of exhalation, a wheezing sound comes out
  • Creates interrupted sleep due to short breathing and wheezing

When the situation gets difficult to handle, inhaler could be the instant relief. The sigs of asthma could be induced through work pressure and mental stress, exercises, food, pollution, weather, and different allergies.

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Best Natural Home Remedies for Asthma attack –

1. Eucalyptus oil –

Steam treatment is often effective in treating asthma. This steam treatment could be more effective by adding a few drops of essential eucalyptus oil. It helps to reduce the congestion from the nasal passage and air track. It is considered as the best possible natural remedies for a chronic asthma attack.

2. Ginger –

This is considered as a superfood in respect of their food value. This is also an effective remedy for asthma. The ginger, pomegranate and honey need to be mixed in 1:1:1ratio. That mixture needs to take on a daily basis to suppress the signs and symptoms of asthma.

3. Fig –

It could be designated as the best natural remedy for treating asthma. The dried figs need to soak overnight in the water. The figs need to be chewed properly and swallowed and the remaining water needs also to be consumed. The instant noodles should be excluded from the food schedule. The taste enhancing chemical increases the intensity of asthma.

4. Mustard oil –

The combination of camphor and mustard oil is a good remedy for asthma. For quick relief, this oil mixture needs to be rubbed thoroughly. For better effectiveness, the oil could be heated before application.

5. Evening primrose oil –

The fatty acid like GLA is one of the major ingredients of evening primrose oil. This has an anti-inflammatory impact on our health. As a traditional natural treatment of asthma, it is popular for decades.

6. Omega 3 fatty acids –

Any acute inflammatory condition can be effectively treated with omega 3 fatty acids. This is a good natural remedy for treating asthma.

7. Coffee –

Coffee contains caffeine which is helpful in treating the blocked nasal passage and breathing problems. This benefit could be found in black tea. 3 cups a day could act as a medicine in treating asthma.

Conclusion – 

As we all know that asthma can’t be the cure. That is why the symptoms of chronic asthma need to be treated with care. The patients suffer a lot when the chronic symptoms trigger.

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The proper precaution, medication, and systematic lifestyle could provide you with an asthma-free life. You need to strict with your restrictions and precaution to beat the symptoms of asthma.

For treating chronic symptoms of asthma, natural remedies are quite effective. Moreover, they are with almost no side effect. They are easily available and friendly to use. You need to be careful critically while fighting against asthma.

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