5 Most Well Guarded Secrets about Natural Remedies for Constipation

5 Most Well Guarded Secrets about Natural Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is a common problem today. When the bowel movement is lower than the normal rate, it happens. The natural remedies for constipation work naturally without harming your body and give permanent relief from the constipation symptoms.

Constipation is not a chronic disease, but it might create uneasiness within the body. The time of bowel movement is different for every person.

Some people have this bowel movement 3-4 times a day and for a few people, it is 3-4 times a week. Longer the stool stored in the body, it becomes harder and difficult to pass from the body.

Causes of Constipation –

There are uncountable causes of constipation. Few of major causes are stated below,

Natural remedies for constipation –

There are several natural remedies which can improve the problems of constipation and soften the stools.

Here we are discussing 5 best natural remedies relieve constipation on the toilet and poop instantly.

1. Sparkling Water –

In maximum cases, constipation is caused by dehydration. The stool becomes hard and can’t come out easily. Water is the best to hydrate the body.

When you feel that you are severely constipated, have carbonated water that will help to restart the bowel movement and rehydrate in a faster way.

It is proved that sparkling water is more efficient than the normal still water, especially to fight with constipation.  The people with IBS and idiopathic constipation also avoid constipation by having sparkling water.

But your constipated condition could be worse by having more carbonated drinks such as soda. So, you need to hydrate the body by having lots of water.

2. Exercise-

The bowel movement is enhanced by proper exercises. The exercise is effective for the people having IBS. For a few, exercise has no significant impact on their bowel movements.

Exercise helps to reduce the symptoms of constipation to some extent. Walking is the best exercise for the constipated people to get relief.

Vajrasana increases the circulation and better peristalsis movement of the stomach and improves the bowel movement. It is one of the best exercises for constipation. Make sure you are doing 2 times a day vajrasana for 5 minutes after the meal.

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3. Increase the Fiber intake –

Add more fibrous food to the regular diet chart. This helps to increase the rate of bowel movement and the stool passes easily.

Fiber supplements can also be used to increase and regularize the bowel movement. But according to few studies, fibers are beneficial to reduce the constipation symptoms.

Other symptoms like gas, stool consistency and bloating can get benefits by fiber intake.

The insoluble fibers make the situation worse for constipated people. This increases the problems for idiopathic constipation and IBS.

The fermented soluble fibers are also ineffective for such a situation as they lose the capacity to hold the water.

The best option is having soluble non-fermented fibers for better result. But for the best result, you need to have a fusion of soluble and insoluble fibers to get relief from constipation.

4. Probiotic –

Probiotic supplements or foods could be an effective solution to enhance bowel movement and reduce the constipation tendency. The probiotics form small chain fatty acids and lactic acids within the body.

That is effectively beneficial to improve the bowel movement and easy stool pass. Chronic constipation is also treated with probiotics.

5. Taking Natural laxative –

Senna is a well-known natural laxative. Senna is enriched with glycosides that help to improve the bowel movement and stool pass. You can take Senna for a short period of time.

The longtime habit can grow loose motion and stomach pain. But as it is a natural remedy, this is not harmful to our health.

Conclusion –

The above stated natural remedies for constipation are effective in constipation related problems and give excellent and permanent relief from constipation. These natural remedies are helpful without causing harm to our body. this remedies improve the bowel movement and improve the peristalsis movement of the stomach. Along with these remedies, you can also take orange juice in empty stomach for a few days to softening the poop.


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