5 Instant Home Remedies for Headache No. 4 will Surprise You

5 Instant Home Remedies for Headache

Headache is the most common symptom of people. Some are facing this symptom on a daily basis or on an irregular basis. There are a couple of Instant home remedies for headache present in our household to give relief to the symptoms.

This symptom is predominant in people irrespective of age and gender. According to the World Health Organization, almost half of the world population is suffering from a headache.

There could be several reasons for this problem. Emotional disorder, stress, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and migraine could be the common reasons for headache.

Category of Headache: –

according to the underlying cause, headache is classified into 2 categories.

  1. Primary Headache.
  2. Secondary Headache.

Primary Headache –

When a headache is not caused by another illness, this is called primary headache. This might change the chemical activities within the brain. Tension headache, migraine and cluster headache are the common forms of primary headache.

Secondary Headache –

When the headache is influenced by other diseases, this is known as a secondary headache. This kind of headache is commonly triggered by a brain tumor, alcohol-related hangover, brain hemorrhage, blood clots, brain freezing, dehydration, CO poisoning, glaucoma, concussion, rebound headache, stroke, and panic attack. Severe, persistent and regular headache needs to be clinically treated.

Types of headache –

According to the symptoms, headache has classified into several categories. They are given below.

1. Cluster headache –

This headache could be triggered once a day or eight times a day for a week or months. This stays from15 minutes to three hours. The pain starts from a side of the head and then radiates throughout the head. This severe headache stays around eyes. The affected portion might be swollen and red. The eyelids become heavy and the noses become runny and stuffy.

2. Tension headache –

This headache triggers slowly, especially in the afternoon. The person might feel a tight band around the head. This triggers fro or to the neck. This headache is constant and stays on both sides of the head. This headache is periodic and stays from a few minutes to three months.

3. Migraine headache –

Nausea and blurred vision are common symptoms of migraine. According to the World Health Organization, migraine is the eighth cause of headache. This pain stays from a few hours to two to three days.

4. Thunderclap headache –

This is the worst kind of headache. It lingers from less than one minute to a maximum of five minutes. This headache needs immediate medical supervision.

5. Rebound headache –

Restlessness, poor sleep, and neck pain are the common symptoms of rebound headache.

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Instant home remedies for headache –

1. Essential Oil –

Use of essential oil could be one of the most effective remedies for headache. Lavender oil helps to reduce the level of anxiety, stress, headache, and depression. In between them, lavender oil could be a powerful remedy to get rid of a headache.

2. Yoga for Migraine –

Yoga could be another effective remedy for headache and migraine. It helps to relax the body muscle and tension and along with that it also helps to improve the blood flow. Regular yoga practice is essentially beneficial for them for headaches.

3. Feverfew and butterbur –

Feverfew and butterbur are effective herbal supplements for headache. In Europe from the ancient time feverfew is uses to relief headache. Feverfew is contained with a compound known as parthenolide, it reduces the spasm of the smooth muscles.


In migraine headache vasoconstriction of the blood vessels is one of the leading cause of pain. Feverfew has excellent properties, it reduces the inflammation and at the same time, it reduces the constriction of the blood vessels in the brain.


4. Hydration –

To get rid of the headache, you need to keep your body hydrated sufficiently. Take 3 to 4 liter of water every day. Researchers have found that persons who intake 1.5 liters of additional intake of water, decrease the significant amount of headache.

5. Ginger –

Gingers contain an essential ingredient for a headache remedy. Sumatriptan is a well-known remedy for headache. That is why ginger could be used as an herbal and instant home remedy for headache.


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