4 Best Ways for Total Body Workout for Women for Toning the Body

4 Best Ways for Total Body Workout for Women for Toning the Body

It’s a real challenge to tone the body for a woman. The effective exercise program and a balanced diet will help to tone up the body. The woman needs to be careful about the toning schedule; few exercise programs makes the body bulky, big and manly.

First, the lady needs to set a goal and then craft the exercise schedule to reach the goal. The focus should be total body workout or full body workout plan rather than a specific part.

The goal of total body workout for women needs to be set on the following aspects,

  1. To become defined, lean and toned.
  2. To get toned without becoming bulky, manly and big.

The women should focus on the weight training to develop the lean muscle rather than building the bulky muscle. Bulky muscle building is mainly for men. The development of the lean muscle makes a female figure slim, feminine and toned.

Lifting light weights for higher rep and effective exercise will transform into a toned figure. In contrast, lifting heavy weights will help to develop bulky muscles.

You need to stick to your goal, focus on the exercise schedule and you will get the best result.

4 key factors in toning program

  1. You need to focus on the right area. Rather than focusing on the entire body, the woman needs to emphasize on the areas like thigh/legs, butts, stomach and arms.
  2. The women should lift light weights. This is an essential factor; otherwise, the body could become masculine, big and bulky. The texture and type of muscles need to be preserved in the original form, only the shaping and toning are required.
  3. Low rep range might affect the texture and type of the muscles negatively. So the low rep range needs to be focused and avoided.
  4. Large numbers of exercises and equipment are available for weight loss and body shaping. But, when it comes to tone, effective and beneficial exercise and equipment are the two most important criteria.

4 Best Body Toning Exercise for Female to Tone up

1. Squats

This exercise is precisely effective to tone up our lower body muscle. Squats impact especially on the butt, thighs and hip muscles. These exercise focus on the total body workout for women for toning the body.


  • Stand on your feet, maintain a slight gap between two legs, need to straight your back, the hands need to be stretched in front of your body and the toes should be pointed out slightly.
  • Keeping this posture intact, you need to move down your body in the shape of a chair. You need to move down until the thighs are becoming parallel to the floor. You should keep the spine straight. These two positions should be followed repeatedly.


2. Push-ups

This is the best exercise for toning the triceps, chest, front sides of the shoulders and arms.


  • Plank your body with the support of your arms and toes. You need to hold the abs tight.
  • Move down the entire body until the gap of 2 inches between your chest and the floor and the elbows should pull back in 45-degree angles.
  • Lift up the body in the primary posture and repeat the steps to get the best result.


3. Abs exercise

This women’s ab workout exercise will provide toned and strong abs and helps to reduce the back pain, increase flexibility and enhance the agility.

Posture :

  • Lie down on your back, stretch the arms up, lift the legs and bend the knees. Holds this position for a few seconds.
  • Relax the body and repeat the posture for further.


4. Plank 

This is a full body workout. It will help to tone the core, lower and upper part of your body.


Posture : 

  • You need to start this exercise in the press-up position.
  • Bend the elbows to hold your body weight on the forearms.
  • You need to align your body in a straight line position from shoulders to ankles.
  • Squeeze the belly towards your spine.
  • Hold this position for initially 30 second time and then relax and repeat for 5 times. Slowly increase the time to 60 seconds.

These exercises will give you a magical result while toning your body. Body toning will not only enhance your aesthetic beauty but this full body workout plan will help to increase the confidence and activity level.

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