15 Natural Remedies for Headaches – Stop Migraine Instantly

15 Natural Remedies for Headaches – Stop Migraine Instantly

Natural remedies for headache can give instant relief from headache. Using natural remedies in the right way can stop a migraine instantly.

The National Headache Foundation says that more than 29.5 million Americans have a migraine, and though some rely on prescription medications, a growing number prefer alternative medicine for migraine headaches.

What is Headache?

Headache is a common health condition where the pain triggers around the head and neck region. Along with pain sometimes muscle stiffness also presents around the neck region.

Causes of Headache-

There are several causes of headache. In general, the causes of headaches art severe fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, and tension, lack of water intake.

The most common type of headache is a tension headache, the second largest types of headache are migraine headache.

There are also two classifications of headache primary and secondary headache.

A primary headache is the type of headache where the underlying cause is known.

Whereas the secondary type of headache happens after any disease like brain injury, vascular disease, head injury, or infection, tumour. This type of headache can be harmless sometimes it can be very much fatal.

The natural remedies for a headache could be anything from herbs to supplements, acupuncture to aromatherapy. If you pick a natural cure for migraine treatment, you may try something from more than one of those categories.

1. HTP :-

HTP is a compound the body produces from tryptophan, an amino acid. The body makes serotonin from this compound. Since supplements that affect serotonin levels are utilized for migraines, HTP has been put forward as an efficient natural remedy for migraine treatment.

2. Butterbur:-

butterburButterbur An extract of butterbur root has been found to be an efficient natural remedy for migraine in kids and adolescents. A clinical trial of this herb was published in the year 2005 issue of the journal Headache. Butterbur appears to relieve pain and spasms. It is used as excellent home remedies for headache.

3. Essential Fatty Acids: –

Multiple  Research done in the U.S. Suggests that fatty acid gives a significant improvement in headache. Fish oil along with magnesium taurate can be an excellent natural remedies for headache & migraine. Both reduce blood vessel spasms, which seem to be the root cause of migraines.

4. Feverfew: –

This herb considered a natural cure for migraine along with other headaches. Feverfew is an excellent pain reliever and it has lots of anti-inflammatory effects.

It treats migraine by inhibiting the platelets release of blood vessel dilating substances. It also inhibits the production of inflammatory substances.

5. Magnesium –

This mineral is the most powerful natural remedies for headaches. Magnesium contains in fish, nuts, seeds, soybeans, whole grains, and veggies, magnesium is needed for healthful muscle, nerve, and blood vessel tone. It is one of the best home remedies for headache.

As a natural cure for migraine, it’s thought to assist in preventing blood vessel spasms.

5. Petasite : –

Petasite is an efficient natural remedy for migraine. German researchers showed that individuals taking Petasite had fewer migraine attacks, and their attacks were shorter. The person who was taking perasite had less pain than those taking a placebo.

7. Vitamin B2 : –

Belgian researchers in 1998 found that vitamin B2 gave more efficient migraine relief than a placebo. This natural remedy reduces both the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches. Since no one treatment will work for everybody, you might want a natural cure for migraine which involves manual therapy. Two possibilities are acupuncture and shiatsu.

8. Acupuncture : –

The Chinese art of acupuncture triggers relief by inserting delicate needles at specific points in the head and neck. Many individuals, including German researchers, have found it an efficient natural remedy for migraine. Acupuncture is common uses for migraines in Germany.

9. Cold compression massage : –

If you want to get rid of a headache fast then the cold composition message is one of the best home remedies for headache.

Take some ice cube or cool pack and massage over the head and neck region 15 to 20 minutes give better relief for a headache.

A cold compression bath is also helpful to reduce the symptom of headache. Fill the bathtub with ice Cool Water. Dip the body into the water to reduce the headache pain.

10. Hot Compression: –

Hot competition works better on tension headache and sinus headache. For taking hot compression you can use a hot pack or hot towel. Place the hot pack or hot towel over your neck and head region to reduce the headache pain. A bowl of hot soup or warm water also gives better relief for sinus headache.

11. Relaxation and Breathing Exercise: –

Yoga For HeadacheSome relaxation technique breathing exercise can relieve the symptom of headache. Relaxation technique not only released the headache but it also relaxes the sore muscle of neck and body.

Deep breathing exercise one of the best headache relief tricks.

Seat in a calm environment, take a deep breath in health home nose slowly hold the breath for some time and slowly exhale through the mouth. Do this for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the headache will gradually decrease.

12. Yoga for Headache: –

Some yoga asanas can give relief for a headache. Yoga increases circulation and oxygen supply of the brain. To cure migraine permanently practicing yoga is one of the best options. You can try “happy baby pose” “uttanasana” for instant relief of headache.

13. Massage for Headache: –

By doing massage full body relaxation happens. Aromatherapy helps better for getting rid of a headache. There is also specific types of massage for headache.

Focus on the massage over the base of the skull region and neck muscle. Massage over the eyebrow and a compression massage on the middle point of the forehead gives instant relief.

14. Herbal supplement for Headache: –

Research has shown that vitamin B helps to get rid of the headache. Rather than taking medicine take vitamin B rich food for the relief of headache.

Whole grain vegetable egg and dairy products, Almonds, peanut rich sources of vitamin B.

15. Maintain Proper Hydration: –

Stay hydrated Water has a vital role to keep our body clean and remove the toxin from our body. One of the major reasons for headache age not taking water properly.

Whenever suffering from headache, rehydrate your body. Take plenty of water and watery fruit like cucumber watermelon.

Taking adequate water increase the circulation and oxygenation throughout the body especially in head and brain. Whenever the muscle gets fatigued, less oxygen supply happens to the muscle. So, take water to improve muscle fatigue.

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