10 Way The Addiction to Social Media Seriously Harms Your Mental Health

10 Way Addiction to Social Media Seriously Harms Your Mental Health

Do you know the addiction to Social media seriously harms your mental health? Even people committed suicide due to social media addiction. If you are too much addicted to social media, its a warning sign for you.

The rise of social media provides a global mass communication platform. Here distance doesn’t matter. People can communicate with one another from anywhere and anytime.

With the introduction of smartphones and their easy availability made social media more popular. People are using their phones or other gadgets almost all the time.

With the increased use of social media might connect the world easily but is it friendly to our body and mind?

1.The harm of Mental Health –

It is proved that excessive use of social media seriously harms your mental health, as well as physical condition. If you are involving yourself in the social media world, you will experience a feeling of isolation in the long-run.

2. Sleep Disturbance –

One more feeling you might experience, that is persistent unhappiness. Few comments on your social media post might harm your self-esteem. Before bedtime, scrolling up and down of the social media pages will harm your sleep quality.

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3.Fear of Social Phobia –

Unnecessary problems might link up with life from social media. These create severe mental stress and unnecessary tensions. People are afraid and conscious of their social recognition.

To keep that intact, people have to do something irrational and unethical.

That creates a huge pressure on mind and people might even commit suicide for the social media scandal or problems.

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4. Social Anxiety Disorder –

Social media often creates anxiety in you. If you can’t check regularly, you might feel severe anxiety. Medical science found it as a serious disorder. This is known as a social anxiety disorder. This is a mental situation.

According to several surveys, this mental disorder is the most common in the USA. The people with a social anxiety disorder can’t resist checking their social media account in every 5 minutes.

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5. Effect On Physical Health and Serious Medical Concern –

Addiction to social media impacted negatively on our physical status. It might trigger back pain, neck pain, and eye problems. Other than that, we might face serious illnesses such as heart issue, obesity, cancer, the possibility of stroke and nutrition problem.

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6. Depression and Loneliness –

Only the anxiety is not the only mental issue triggered by the excessive use of social media. The other serious symptoms and mental disorders could be possible with the use of social media.

The social media users might face serious depression and loneliness in the long run. They might face a critical feeling of ignorance and isolation.

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7. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder –

Possibly those are not real, but they might feel like. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is also popular as ADHD. This is a critical mental disorder and mostly triggered by addiction to social media.

8. Loss of Creativity –

Mental functioning of the social media addicts might get harmed. They might also become paranoid. Another critical mental disorder could generate and that is known as impulsion disorder.

9. Isolated from The Family and Friends –

People become impulsive to share moments on social platforms rather than enjoying them. That makes them isolated from the family and friends. This isolation will impact them in the long-run.

10. Depression –

People might feel jealous or sad when they found other’s happier moments on the social media page. That might make the social media user depressed for personal unfulfilled desires and wishes. Sometimes people become so depressed that they commit suicide attempts.

People need to understand that social media is created to enhance the entertainment and communication. You need to enjoy real life than social media world. People are sharing their best and unique moments.

Rather than becoming obsessed about those posts and shares, enjoy real life. Life is full of good happenings. Feel and experience those and you will experience lots more than the social media posts. Make your mind and body healthy for a better future.

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