10 Tips How to Stay Motivated During the Lockdown ~ Read it or Miss it

We all know that this is a very much tough time but we have no other choice except following the lockdown. Nobody is familiar with this situation nonetheless it happens to anybody’s life before. Here we are discussing how to stay motivated during the lockdown period. All are the real-life example which will definitely help you.

Many of us doing work from home and others are spending most of the time with the families. This is a very much tough time to stay motivated.

As all of us were in a regular schedule, but sudden staying at home for a long time and spending the whole time with family some times becomes more troublesome for us as well as the family members.

It is very much important to stay motivated and focused in this crucial time. Here are the top 10 tips which will definitely combat you to handle this tricky situation.

1. Make a Routine and follow it strictly –

Maintaining Daily routine give the positivity to stay organized and focused. You can do all your job in a good manner. You can maintain a good work-life balance. Maintaining daily routine every day makes you a self-discipline person.

If you have a proper schedule you can organize all of your work in a good manner. You don’t have to change your schedule or if you have to change with the minimal changes you can do your work very easily. Increase your work capacity and productivity at the same time.

2. Rise early in the morning –

There is a proverb early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. But it is not always possible in our busy schedule specifically when we have enormous time and we are spending time haphazardly. You can organize your time set a time frame for yourself.

Rising early in the morning gives you some extra time when you can do some of your unfinished work what you were supposed to do but not abled.

Try to avoid sleeping in the daytime. It is said that 8 hours of sleeping is necessary for an adult person, but you are in a home not going outside so, energy burn is less. You can remove some hours from that.

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Set a goal for bedtime at night and rising time in the morning. For example, set 1 a.m. for bedtime at night and 7:00 a.m. for the rising time in the morning. Set an alarm for the morning. You can change the time according to your convenience.

3. Do some pranayama and yoga or mild physical activity –

Doing some pranayama, yoga, or physical exercise gives you lots of positive energy for work. Regular pranayama, yoga, or physical exercise has 3 benefits, Physiological benefit, psychological and spiritual benefits too.

Physiological benefit It improves the circulation of the body. Reduce free radicals from the body. Give proper oxygenation to the whole body specifically lungs, brain, and heart. Sometimes we are feeling laziness and tiredness. After doing the exercise you can feel fresher and full of energy.

Psychological Benefits – It improves mood disorder and reduces the stress level. You can handle stress in a better way. When you are in a good mood, you can utilize the potential of your energy at the optimum level.

Spiritual Benefits – In the spiritual aspect if we are thinking – We have 7 Chakra which regulates all of our physical, mental, financial, and social well-being. This Chakra is disturbed in a maximum number of people.

If we do regular exercise this Chakra will reorganize and we feel some extra positive energy in ourselves. You can get the maximum results by doing regular meditation in a calm environment.

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4. Start your day like other regular days –

Coronavirus is pandemic that doesn’t mean all has changed in our life. Try to stick your normal daily routine as not as possible.

If you have to work from the home, structure and plan your workplace like you are working in your office. Choose the place which is maximumly organized and less disturbance.

5. Set a goal for every day and try to achieve it –

Every day when you will start your work, take a pen and notebook. Jot down all of your work schedules for the day.

Check at the end of the day how many of them you have achieved and mark it. Try to maintain the schedule and finish all of your priority work as much as possible.

6. Maintain privacy and ask everyone to respect your personal time –

Think about how much time you were generally spending yourself alone in the pre-lockdown period.

Check your productivity before and during the lockdown time. Sometimes you can find that you were more productive in earlier days. Try to search the reason behind it.

You spend most of the day alone which means without family where you where the decision-maker. Now the thing has changed.

Giving an example, you have a general tendency to talk with your junior rudely or flaring with the colleagues in the workplace or use one-two slunk or take a smoke break frequently.

You cannot change your habit overnight and at the same point in time, your family is not aware of all of this.

This is an open space and an embarrassing situation for all of you and your family members. So, it hampers your work and whole performance. Ask your family that you need some personal space and ask them to respect that.

7. Avoid social media and news frequently –

Frequent use of social media and seeing the news channel also create some extra anxiety and panic.

If you use social media frequently you can see that there are lots of posting of videos and news about the corona. So, it creates some extra pressure and panic.

There is a huge mental tension and panic happened in the mind and you cannot work properly according to your plan.

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Because, in a panic, your mental state will not be well, the brain can’t function properly. so, you cannot concentrate properly on anything.

Seeing the news channel and social media is required to update yourself about what is happening outside. But it is not necessary. to take extra headaches. So, limit your social media and news time.

8. Stress Management & Relaxation –

You can see the article on stress management here and there. You will find lots of stress management tips and techniques on the internet. I am not telling every tip is wrong.

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The question is that is it really works on you? Because which tip work on a person excellently that doesn’t mean it also works on you in the same manner.

Before going to adapt any stress, management tips, or techniques you have to find the reason for the stress. You only the better person to understand the reason for your stress.

You know yourself better which activity gives you more relaxation. Try to do this for destress.

Relaxation –

Spend some time alone every day, listen to good music or a brisk walk in the rooftop gives you refill the energy. Find the way which gives you the most relaxation and you can find yourself. No phone call, social media or chat during that time. If you can play some musical instrument or plantation, do that yourself.

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9. Spend quality time with family/ Play with kids –

Spend some time with the family. Keep in the mind not to take any call or WhatsApp chat during that time (try to avoid as much as possible).

You can do some cooking or see a movie together or do some indoor games or gossip with the family members.

Kids are like a bud and they have full of positive energy. They can change sadness to happiness within a fraction of time and they can easily adopt new things very quickly.

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Playing with kids or teaching a lesson or storytelling gives you lots of relaxation and positive energy you can’t think of. Spending time with then can work as a tonic for you.

10. Try to learn something new course or skill every day –

Learning new things is always interesting. Nowadays there are tons of websites that are offering free online courses with certificates. It is a good option to take any one of them.

You will get 3 benefits from that – 

  1. Your mind will be engaging to learn something new.
  2. You will learn some new skills.
  3. You can add them to your CV or the new skill will improve your work or apply them in personal skill development.

We hope the tips will definitely help you to learn how to stay motivated during the lockdown period. If you have any other thought can happily share with us and write in our comment box.


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